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Reader Raises Safety Concerns Over Ridgewood Train Station Parking Lot

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For those of Us Taxpayers who use or are there every work day in that RIDGEWOOD station Parking Lot
dropping or picking up train Passengers especially in Fall /Winter seasons ,it is maxed out especially as trains discharge and the driver scramble to be able to leave quickly including riders running to their cars…Its a zoo free for all…it is maxed out capacity and safety wise ,,drivers backing out of spaces in the Dark racing to exit the station ,,idling
while waiting to exit the station into the bottleneck exit while passenger pedestrians are trying to safely leave the station ..all at the same time.We don’t need more compact
cars up there to add to the smells like a money grab and chance to spend over 300,000K for added compact cars at the station while we are on the hook for a raised garage to the tune of 12 Million dollars being erected on the northbound side of the station where NYC arriving trains arrive . Think safety and congestion in the dark and snowy seasons .Leave the station alone or modify the idling policy for uber and commercial vehicles .This could save a life especially in the Dark morning and evening
seasons .

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New Sign at Garber Square Causes Fears of Safety Issues for Ridgewood Drivers

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December 22,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ ,the new LED sign near Garber Square on Franklin avenue has created quite a stir around town to say nothing of the visual noise at that particular intersection. The lights from the trains station, the new sign, the traffic lights, and drivers are supposed to be looking out for bikers entering the bike lane as well . This intersection seems particular difficult and the added distraction of the new sign  has been cause for alarm. Will we have to wait for the first traffic accident due to the sign (lets say snow, rain, etc with glowing lights in your face) and then something can be done about it?

According to the Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld , “The PRIMARY purpose of the new LED sign is to serve as an emergency public information tool to communicate with the public. The village is constantly refining its Emergency Operations Plan, including the Emergency Public Information component of that plan, working in conjunction with Bergen County’s OEM and following all the recommended practices of the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.  The installation of the sign was carefully planned as part of the village’s overall communications strategy during times of emergency, especially in the event of a widespread power failure where other means of communication are unavailable. ” Roberta goes on ,” the location of this sign was carefully chosen and has been evaluated by the RPD and Village Engineers. Thankfully we have not had a crisis situation since Sandy but If we were in crisis mode this would be a place for residents to come and know the steps that are being taken to address an emergency situation.”

Many residents have again voiced concern that the sign is yet another distraction , A study conducted in 2006 by Virginia Tech for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that anything that takes a driver’s eyes off of the road for more than two seconds greatly increases the risk of a crash.  The same study also concluded that nearly 80% of all crashes involved driver inattention just prior (within three (3) seconds) of the crash.

According to the Village Manager , the cost for the sign was approximately $13,600, inexpensive by Ridgewood standards ,but still these things add up . Whats seems even odder is that the Village has and “Electric Sign ” ordnance which clearly states that any electric sign had to be placed a certain distance from the public roadway. Clearly this sign is in violation of the Villages own ordinance.