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Twp of Washington Fire Department Warns Residents that They Do Not Solicit Money By Phone

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Twp.of Washington NJ, Twp of Washington Fire Deptartment issues a “Scam Alert”.

The Twp of Washington Fire Department has been notified that residents of the Twp of Washington have received phone calls from someone saying that they are a member of the Fire Department and trying to solicit money.

The Fire Department does NOT use this type of fundraising tactic. If you feel that the phone call is a scam please contact the Twp of Washington Police Dept. @ 201-664-1140

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Fraud Alert: DHS Telephone Numbers Used in Scam to Obtain Personally Identifiable Information and Extort Money from Victims

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Ridgewood NJ, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) is issuing this fraud alert to warn citizens of reports that DHS telephone numbers have been used recently as part of a telephone spoofing scam targeting individuals throughout the country. Spoofing is the deliberate falsifying of information transmitted to a caller ID display to disguise an identity.

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SCAM ALERT: Social Security Number Scam


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Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police have issued a SCAM ALERT:” I just received a phone call on my personal cell where the caller ID indicated it was the Social Security Administration. A recorded voice told me there was a problem with my SSN and I needed to speak with an agent in order to prevent suspension of my benefits. I was transferred to a male with a foreign accent.
These scams are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Please educate yourself, family and friends. Education is the only way to avoid these scams. Be very very wary of any unsolicited calls asking for your personal info. Call the GRPD with any questions if you’re unsure.”

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Glen Rock Police Department Issues a Scam Alert for a Chimney Repair/Sales/Inspection Company that is Calling Residents

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Mat 7,2018

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Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police Department issues a scam alert, saying “We were just notified that a chimney repair/sales/inspection company is calling residents which may be a scam. They are very aggressive and trying to give the impression that they are working for the Borough of Glen Rock or that the Borough setup and is requiring the inspection. A phone number provided by the resident comes back to a disconnected number which also fuels our suspicion. While there are legitimate and reputable chimney companies out there, unfortunately this is a area that has been rife with fraud in the past. The GRPD recommends residents should always research companies and seek out trustworthy recommendations from people you know before hiring a company for chimney work or any service. Although cold calling can be a legitimate way for companies to earn new business, be extremely wary of any company displaying aggressive tactics, uses pressure or fear to get your business and will not honor callbacks or waiting for you to do your research.”

The GRPD will be presenting a scam and fraud workshop on Wednesday May 23rd at 7:00pm. Check back later for additional details

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The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Warns of “contempt of a Grand Jury appearance” Phone Scam

Bergen County Sheriff's Office


November 24,2017
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Hackemsack NJ, The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving reports of an attempted criminal scam where people are being contacted via telephone by someone claiming to be a member of our agency asking for money to satisfy a warrant for contempt of a Grand Jury appearance. The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office DOES NOT ask for money over the phone. Do not give anyone claiming to be a member of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office any payment over the phone

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Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Issues a SCAM ALERT


July 25 ,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce has been advised by Ridgewood High School of a SCAM that is going around the Ridgewood business district.

Please note a company that is asking for donations to buyT-shirts for students at Ridgewood High School is a SCAM.

The business is called Touchdown Sports, LLC –it is a SCAM…when checked, they go by several other names.

If you have been solicited, call the high school to report —
201-670-2800 x20543, ask for Maureen.

Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 90th Anniversary 1927-2017 and is one of the nation’s oldest running Chambers of Commerce .