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Member claims ,”One Village One Vote” is willing to have a reasonable discussion of the issues


Matt Lindenberg says ,”I don’t know anyone on the BOE, and I’m not familiar with an RPDP. I’m just a private concerned citizen who respectfully believes that we’re better served when we hold our local elections in November when there is a demonstrated history of significantly higher turnout. My opinions are my own, and not pushed by the BOE or REA.

I know there are those who disagree, and I respect that. I’m willing to have a reasonable discussion of the issues if folks are willing to identify themselves (as I continue to do here) and chat like neighbors.”

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Ridgewood Public Schools Annual School Board and Budget Vote


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The 2019-2020 Ridgewood Public Schools budget will be voted on by registered voters in the Annual School Election on Tuesday, April 16. 

The following links go directly to pages on the Bergen County website.

How to:

Register to vote
The registration deadline is 21 days before an election. The deadline for registering to vote in the Annual School Election (April 16) is Tuesday, March 26.

Vote by mail
A registered voter may apply for a Mail-in Ballot by mail up to seven days prior to the election, or apply in person until 3 p.m. on the day before the election. Mail-in Ballots must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received no later than 48 hours after polls close, or returned in person before the close of polls on Election Day. The deadline to apply by mail for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot for the Annual School Election (April 16) is Tuesday, April 9. The deadline to apply in person at the County Clerk’s Office for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot for the Annual School Election is Monday, April 15 at 3 p.m.

FAQs on voting
Answers to general questions on registering to vote and voting

Please note: The office of the Bergen County Superintendent of Elections is the primary source for full information on voting and elections. Please consult the Bergen County website for more information at

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Reader says , “Voting for Kaufman, no doubt about it. Loncto has to GO”

photo courtesy of Saurabh Dani‎

Cris Kaufman’s only flaw is that he is not experienced at being a BOE member and he is not super polished in a venue like the “debate.” This is not a character flaw. Loncto is experienced because he has 7 years on the Board. I am sure Cris will know more in seven years. And Loncto had to READ answers after SEVEN YEARS of experience. Cris is natural, he is not scripted, he is enthusiastic, smart, involved, and he is a listener. I saw him at one of the coffees and he was aces in this less formal environment. Loncto, by the way, was appointed the first time and ran unopposed the second time so he never had to go through this debate scene EVER. Voting for Kaufman, no doubt about it. Loncto has to GO.

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Reader says School Budget Vote great in theory, voting on the budget, but in practice it does nothing


It’s great in theory, voting on the budget, but in practice it does nothing.
Learn from history, the few times the budget did not pass the law says it goes to the village council for a vote.
Each time the village council passed the vote, under pressure from parents AND because the state mandates a budget must be passed by a certain date……. a date that is impossible to meet if 5 people who have lots of other responsibilities are now going to begin the budget process over all over again.
In other words — your vote is meaningless, that is why several years ago the vote was taken away from the citizens so that at least we could salvage the $$$$ spent on the meaningless vote.
The pressure from the teachers and the parents will be even stronger on the village council in this age or facebook rants and threats.
I caution newcomers….. nothing is as simple as it sounds, the state, the feds and all of the unions have all of the local boards and councils in NJ tied up so that they can achieve very little meaningful change……. if they wanted to.
Keep that in mind the next time you vote for a big government, free wheeling spending politician.
Hold on to your wallet. —- there’s a lot more coming with Murphy