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Assemblyman Robert Auth Promotes North Jersey business sites to Japanese corporations

Assemblyman Robert Auth

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Montvale NJ, Dozens of acres of vacant corporate campuses in Montvale and other municipalities could be destined for court-mandated, high-density housing. At the former Sony Electronics corporate campus in Park Ridge and Montvale, office buildings are being replaced by 615 units, including more than 100 designated for affordable housing.

Assemblyman Robert Auth said he would prefer to see these centers revived as dynamic employment hubs providing income opportunities for hundreds of Bergen and Passaic County families.

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Running A Business From Home Is Easy, Thanks To These 5 Top Tech Tips

69% of US entrepreneurs start their business at home. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs, there’s no better time to start a home business than today.

Home-based businesses help you save money and there are plenty of resources you can use from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, technology is making the arduous beginning stages so much easier for new entrepreneurs. Technology provides the necessary tools you need while helping you save time and money.

If you’re running a business from home, here are 5 tech tips to help you along the way.

1. WiFi Is Your Best Friend

You never know how much you truly value the internet until it’s gone. This is why you should always have your eye on your WiFi.

Your internet is one of the best investments you can make in the beginning stages. Purchase the more expensive and higher quality WiFi plan. Always have a WiFi hotspot in case you have an internet outage.

2. Start With Free Tools

Every business needs different tools. But some are necessary across all industries and are available for free.

G-Suite from Google is a perfect example. Every business can use spreadsheets, email, forms, documents, and cloud storage (or Drive).

Keep in mind, Google has a business plan that is worth investing in. But to start, utilize free tools and save money while still completing necessary functions.

3. Always Keep ROI in the Back of Your Mind

This tip closely relates to the previous one. While many tools are free, you’ll also have to pay for your tools. In this case, keep ROI in the back of your mind when investing in tools.

If a tool or service offers a beginner version for cheap, use that and only upgrade if you need to.

4. Always Use Communication Technology

As your company grows, you’ll need to hire staff. Since you work from home, it’s likely your staff will, too. There are many ways for you to communicate with your staff.

For starters, email is the preferred option for many businesses. There are also communication programs, such as Slack, where companies can host chats with their staff members.

You can also create a Facebook or LinkedIn group for better collaboration.

5. Create Your Paystubs Online

Speaking of your staff, you have to pay them. Even with direct deposit, PayPal, and other digital forms of payment, providing a pay stub will help your staff know how much they earned and where their money is going.

There are plenty of websites where you can create paystubs by entering in your information and choosing a template. There’s more information here.

Running a Business From Home Is Easy With the Help of Technology

Are you running a business from home? If so, technology can help you connect with your staff and can offer a cheap and effective way to manage your daily tasks.

Do you run a home business in New Jersey? Keep reading our blog to get caught up on business ownership advice and other advice for New Jersey residents.

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New Jersey Named 2019’s 2nd Worst State to Start a Business


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With the stock market booming, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Best & Worst States to Start a Business as well as accompanying videos.

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7 Ideas for Small Town Businesses That Thrive and Change Communities


Nearly a third of all businesses fail within the first two years of opening. The stakes are even higher when you start a business in a small town. There is less room for failure because a bad reputation spreads like wildfire.

Where there’s a higher chance for failure, there are greater rewards for a small business. Being able to establish yourself as an outstanding member of the community is very rewarding. Your business is the answer to all the dissatisfaction of large corporate machines.

Small town businesses that thrive take on a whole new life. They become a community landmark, a hub, and a huge contribution to the local economy. All you need is a vision and a plan. 

If you’re unsure what type of business works for small-town communities, we have some ideas for you. All of these types of businesses are experience growth across the country. What type of business are you passionate about?

Personal Development Coaching

Many people who live in a small town, especially the youth, want to achieve bigger things. They don’t want to be stuck in a small town forever, but they don’t know how to break out of it. Many are looking for advice on starting their own businesses, too.

That’s where you come in, giving life and career advice as a startup business idea. You can provide them with information on growing on online business in e-commerce, taking their stores global, and making smart investments.

In fact, financial planning and advising services are extremely successful small town business ideas. There’s a lot more about this topic than putting money in the stock market or a 401k savings plan. The best part about the personal development space is that it’s easy to understand and doesn’t require having access to big city resources.


People are looking for something better than Starbucks. Not that you can’t get a decent cup of coffee at the major chains. Small towns thrive on community engagement, which Starbucks provide nothing of the sort.

You can build a simple cafe business, selling mediocre coffee, but with a strong community. Invest in the atmosphere, make people feel at home, host local acts, and you’ll easily turn a profit. The best thing about cafe businesses is that you can serve coffees nearly all day

Trade Skill Businesses

Competing as the local handyman may not seem like a lucrative business idea, but it is. Small town contractors often lack professionalism and competition to offer a higher standard of work. If you’re able to establish yourself as a trustworthy, accessible, and fair, you’ll go a long way as a contractor.

A trade skill business lives and dies by word-of-mouth advertising in a small town. A good startup business idea starts with growing a network of friends and family referrals. Once you start to develop a reputation for your work, you’ll need to spend less on advertising and more on expansion.

Mechanic Shop

The same concept applies here as it does with trade skill businesses. The automotive business is a little more strategic, however. If you can position yourself as an alternative to remote dealership locations, you’ll win big. 

Small town mechanics are often the only realistic option for residents needing car repairs. Most people aren’t going to want to pay a hefty towing fee to get their car to a major dealership. Your auto repair business can do housecalls as well as collaboration with towing businesses.

There’s always money to be made in the car repair industry. 

Electronics and Computers

Small towns are often underserved when it comes to technology infrastructure. This is a ripe opportunity to establish your own business for computer and technical support. There’s always going to exist a large demand for IT and computer repair.

You can leverage your business as a cheaper alternative to having to buy new devices and computers. Plus, most small town people prefer to keep using their older devices. It’s a different demographic than big cities surrounded by technology.

Specialty Groceries

Eating healthy is not a fad or a niche community anymore. People all over the country are looking for ways to eat smarter and healthier. Big box stores have everything you need, but not much of a variety when it comes to organic or specialty foods.

Local grocery stores offer the ability to find better organic foods, diet-specific foods for allergies and vegans, along with more raw ingredients overall. Farm-to-table eating is exploding in popularity. Small town populations want to know where their food comes from, and you can establish that missing link of trust.

From a pure business standpoint, specialty foods offer wider margins. 

Vape Shop

Vaping is a smart business idea whether you’re in a small town or not. The vaping industry is expected to grow to $47.11 billion by 2025. If you decided to open up a shop in a small town, you could establish yourself before large franchises start to take over.

Make sure you do your research on the local county and state laws to see what is permitted. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to operate in states that have legalized the sale of cannabis products. Cannabis products make up a large chunk of vaping users, but you can still succeed without selling them.

Small Town Businesses that Thrive

Establishing yourself in a small town community and making it better is a very satisfying journey. Authentic, people-power movements produce small town businesses that thrive. Don’t expect to awe people with fancy advertising or tossing in a few “yee-haws” on your signage.

If you approach this business opportunity with the right intentions, you’re going to succeed. Provided that you do your homework on the local economy and your competition, you can become the market-driver for that area. Local goods and services are synonymous with quality, creativity, and sustainability.

Get out there and find your niche, so that you can enjoy both financially and emotionally-fulfilling work that makes America great.

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Google’s 2018 Economic Impact Report Shows Company Helped 36,000 New Jersey Advertisers Grow During 2018


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Google today rolled out its 2018 Economic Impact Report, showing that 36,000 New Jersey businesses and nonprofits used the company’s search and advertising tools last year to generate $7,750,000,000 in economic activity. Google’s search and advertising tools help organizations connect with the people and communities they serve, increase their online presence and thereby create more revenue and jobs in the local economy.

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Forces that Drive Family Business Success

Today, many people have family businesses. That’s great when all the members of the family work together and are focused on the same objectives. However, statistics say that not all family businesses can make it to their second and even third generation, but why? We decided to study this topic inside out. Having read this review, you’ll find out what particular aspects influence the development of the family business. What can unite families? What forces contribute to the development of family businesses? So, get comfortable and have a look.

Family Unity

Do you know what this term means? Unfortunately, not all families understand the meaning. It doesn’t matter from what country you or your wife are and how you got acquainted. Some couples meet each other at higher educational establishments whereas others use online dating services. All in all, it doesn’t matter.

Family unity is not about this. It is something bigger. Unified families work together; all the questions related to their business are of prime importance for them. They frequently organize family meetings and solve all the conflicts together. When each family member is interested in one and the same result, the success is guaranteed.

Children Learn Business Rules Since Childhood

All kids in this family know everything about this business. There’s a well-known saying which characterizes this situation best of all – they live in each other’s pockets. They see what their parents do every day. Parents frequently ask their kids to do this or that task. They know that it is necessary to invest in the next generation and they do this since childhood. However, successful families will never press their kids to come into their family business. Unfortunately, when children join their family business only because their parents force them to do this, in all probability, they will become poor successors. If the owner is interested in business development, the success is guaranteed. If no, nothing good will come out of it.

So, what should parents do to raise successful performing successors?

  • Parents should be passionate about what they do.
  • Show that this business is very important.
  • Show that it is necessary to be a responsive and reliable owner.
  • Raise them as leaders.

These parents will never yank their kids off the case.

Family Business is More Important Than Money

Keep in mind that successful families have a set of values to which they are committed, and these values are even more important than money. The main formula for success is to set the right goals. Everything should be planned. They know what particular goals they want to achieve, and they will go above and beyond to tackle those challenges. Furthermore, every family member works hard to turn all the ideas into reality.

Except for planning, it is also necessary to do something. Translating all these values into actions is their number one priority.

They Use New Innovative Tools to Run Their Businesses

Considering the number of all digital achievements today, it is a sin not to use them. Such tools as online advertising, e-commerce or social media are the best modern tools to promote your business. Unfortunately, previous generations couldn’t use them. The impact of modern technologies on business is great! Those family businesses for whom technology is a challenge aren’t successful. Therefore, if you see that parents can’t understand what technological achievements to implement, help them. The younger generation is usually more tech savvy.

One can run a successful family business only due to the powerful teamwork. Each family member goes under a full head of steam to achieve their goals. Simply put, the success of the family business depends on the desire of each family member to achieve common goals.

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The Simplest way to make the most out of Amazon Accountants

Amazon Introduces New Tablet At News Conference In New York

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, As an Amazon merchant, you need to be very careful when it comes to dealing with finances. It is possible to end up making extreme losses due to poor accounting methods. This means you will not be accountable for all the money you make as an Amazon seller. There is a need to seek some financial advice from well-experienced accountants. They will give you directions on how you need to go about the whole process of bookkeeping.

Some of the things you will be able to learn about include the following:

• Paying for Amazon marketing

• Understanding the whole process of taxation

• Single out the high fees incurred

When you understand the above functions there are a number of benefits which are bound to come your way. As an online entrepreneur, you will soon become competitive. You will expand your business and also attract many customers. Your sales will be significantly high hence maximizing your profits.

Accounting is very important to you as an Amazon seller. It will help you understand your income statements, maintain accurate and up to date records and lastly make wise financial decisions that will promote your business in a way that suits you. It is evident that entrepreneurs want to grow day in day out. They will always want to make the most out of the opportunities that come their way. As an Amazon seller, you are an entrepreneur in the making. You really have to be very competitive so that you can get an edge other fellow amazon merchant. To reach that feat you need to be a good manager when it comes to handling money. You need to keep track of your inflows and outflows. This can be achieved by getting insight from a professional on how the whole process of bookkeeping goes about.

Handling finances have never been easy. It is even worse if you do not have the slightest idea of how accounting is undertaken. This is why you need to make the most out of Amazon Accountants. These are professionals who understand the whole procedure of keeping track of deposits and revenues that are attached to Amazon merchants. How do you take advantage of these professional accountants?

Use their insight to set your goals

As an Amazon merchant, you need to be aware of where you are heading. You need to have a reasonable target of where you want your business to be in the future. Take that initiative of making decisions that will help you maximize your business. You will obviously need some reliable insight from accountants when it comes to setting goals. Listen carefully to the directives offered to you by your personal accountant. The advice should help you identify earning trends, employ significant accounting methods, minimize workload, and understand correct supplier lead-times. By doing that, you will be able to achieve your set targets.

Get skills on managing cash flow

As an Amazon seller ensure you have enough stock all the time. Your customers should never miss out on a product on a mere fact that it is out of stock. This means you will need to have steady suppliers. These suppliers should be paid in due time so that they can keep supplying you with products. Also, you need to ensure you respect lead-times. You need to ensure products or services reach buyers in the most appropriate time. An accountant from Amazon will advise you on how to go ahead with all those fundamental processes. There will be an emphasis on you keeping accurate records. This helps to keep track of all the transactions involved in managing cash flows. Be attentive as you receive guidance from those accountants.

Minimize workload

There is a possibility of having too much workload to deal with as an entrepreneur. This might have a negative impact in your venture let alone leading to losses. It is up to you to minimize that workload so that you can start enjoying some significant benefits as an Amazon merchant. The question is, how do you go about this whole process? You can outsource some services or activities. For instance, advertisement of your products and services. This approach will give you more time to focus on how to grow your business.


Amazon sellers tend to face a lot of challenges. One of the challenges is the inability to manage finances and be accountable for every sent. This calls for the need of seeking help from an accountant on how to go about the whole procedure of maintaining accurate financial records. The end result is a successful career as an Amazon seller commanding a large following of customers.

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Ridgewood Fire and Police Respond To A Business Emergency at 1am

photo by Wahid Essafi

Ridgewood NJ, “B” Shift responding to a local business to tape a tarp up after the front window of their store collapsed at 1 AM. many residents are well aware that anytime any place you can rest assured the Ridgewood Police and Fire department will be there to help! 

this was posted in a Facebook group by the business owners  :

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Developing Your Ecommerce Store Brand

CBD ridgewood ArtChick

photo by ArtChick

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With billions of consumers shopping online everyday, neglecting your ecommerce brand is never a good idea. To lead a small business well, you must be able to present a consistent brand. By developing a consistent brand and molding it to consumer expectations, your ecommerce site can become very successful. However, making too many changes to your brand may alarm a steady flow of consumers. However, neglecting to create and evolve your brand can stunt ecommerce growth. Consider some ways that you can develop a top-tier ecommerce brand for a business that thrives.

Stick to Your Brand’s Values and Mission Statement

If you look around at every eminent online retailers, they are known for stellar values and outstanding mission statements that revolve around the consumers that they serve. Consistency with your brand’s values and mission statement is key to building a solid brand. The sooner that you commit to developing an original brand, the quicker that your ecommerce store can reap the benefits. Developing a brand online requires defining a clear mission that resonates with customers, and sticking to the values that consumers look for. Once you start to define the pillars of your brand, you can construct your ecommerce store to reflect them. Brand pillars provide a strong foundation, so your business plans and marketing strategy should support these factors. Brands that build a reputation for quality products, meaningful innovations, and excellent customer service often outshine their competitors.

Use Social Media to Skyrocket Your Brand

The Pew Research Center reports that tons of people from various demographic populations log in to social media on a daily basis. Social media platforms are ripe with branding opportunities. In this day and age, any ecommerce store that wants to attain maximum growth must brand itself well on social media. This makes social media a ripe terrain for popularizing your brand and taking your ecommerce store to the next level. In addition to spreading knowledge of your brand using great posts and vivid images, the capacity to go viral at a moment’s notice is very real. Collaborating with social media influencers who have responsive followers can also prove to be a source of welcome attention and sales.

Utilize Split Testing to Increase Conversions

Using split testing can help you decide the best brand colors, logo designs, headlines, captions, placement settings, and a host of other factors to increase conversions in your ecommerce store. If customer traffic is already booming and feedback is positive, then no major changes are necessary. Instead, you can influence customers to promote and share information and reviews about your business. Examining your conversion rates to determine traffic flow and click-through rates to your landing and checkout pages can help you benefit from the traffic you have, and raise those rates.

Alter the Consumer Experience Through Feedback

Maintaining consistent feedback with consumers is important to build a recognizable brand. An ecommerce store that lacks an alluring brand can quickly fall to the wayside. Business owners who are deciding what changes to make to their site should consider consumer feedback before making a move. If people are already responding to you brand, you may simply need to increase traffic. Using a effective magento enterprise alternative can help business owners create a captivating ecommerce site that proves a superior experience for consumers. With an attractive ecommerce site, it is easier to get consumers to make a purchase, and return for more. However, if people already approve and celebrate your brand, making too many changes to can shake up loyal members in your customer base.

Changing your company’s logo or name is often not a good idea if you have already created a significant following, but focusing on improving customer the experience is necessary. Although a brand’s mission and overall values should remain consistent, the experience your brand offers may require an upgrade The Medium suggests that customers are looking for a fantastic experience, and you can elevate your brand by providing one. Modern consumers appreciate and enjoy a highly functional website, excellent loading speeds, a smooth purchasing process, and a variety of payment options. By enhancing factors that affect the customer experience, you increase satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

The overflow of technological changes has caused many business owners to revamp their brands to gain customers and maintain relevance in the market. If you already have a unique brand, you should think twice about changing major factors associated with it. If your site is having trouble attracting consumers, then revamping your brand may be one of the wisest choices that you can make. Companies are also making the decision to link together with other companies (B2B) to grow to tremendous heights. Understanding if you need to be more flexible with your brand depends on the feedback you receive from customers. In order to make the right decisions, you need to have an accurate perspective of how consumers see your brand , and then use that information to guide you forward.

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NJGOP Chairman states the Obvious New Jersey Needs to Improve It’s Business Climate

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ,  NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address: “President Trump is taking our country in the right direction. His policies are earning new, well-paying jobs, helping small businesses thrive and lifting America’s economy to new heights. “While America grows, our home state of New Jersey lags behind. It’s time for New Jersey to fight back and tell Democrats in Trenton that we have had enough of the burdensome tax increases and strangling regulations. It’s time for both parties to come together and take action on improving New Jersey’s business climate and making our state more affordable.”