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Readers Debate Surveillance of “Public Space” In Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, readers debated the value of Surveillance of “Public Space” In Ridgewood after the latest hit and run driver in Ridgewood was arrested .

I never understand the anti-surveillance stance of people. It is surveillance of public space. What is the difference between a camera and a cop? The ONLY difference is the camera works 24/7, is not prone to bias, and doesn’t take sick days.

I wish we had MORE cameras. All over town. I am not doing anything wrong so I am not worried. Those who fight against the cameras have something to hide.

And the people screamed NO when David Bolger wanted to fund the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras throughout the Central Business District.

No one wants to live in Bolgerville….don’t want anything from him.

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Council Nixes Downtown Security Camera Proposal – Bolger’s $450K Gift Snubbed by 3 vs. 2 Vote


Citing conflicting and inconclusive crime statistics provided by Police Chief William M. Corcoran, Village Council members last night flatly rejected a proposal to install closed circuit television surveillance cameras throughout the central business district. Local philanthropist David Bolger had agreed to fund the controversial project.

Opposed: Harlow, Ringler-Shagin, and Wiest. For: Mancuso and Pfund.