Exclusive: Murphy Plans to Raise $1.3 Billion in Taxes

Tax hikes for millionaires, hedge fund managers, large corporations and pot smokers anchor Democrat’s plan.

Phil Murphy’s proposed tax increases would raise roughly $1.3 billion a year, his spokesman told Observer on Thursday, releasing for the first time a cost estimate of the Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s plans to pay for a multitude of campaign promises.

A separate […]

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Reader says things in New Jersey will Only get Worse

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Public sector worker greed has destroyed the state of NJ…. worst state finances, worst state economy, net migration out, highest state & local property taxes in the U.S.A. Until we vote out the Democrats in Trenton and the public safety, teacher and NJ Transit lackeys in our municipalities, it will get […]

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Reader says the Feds want to get in the pot business for tax reasons

The Empty Suit (BOOKER)must have spent too much time in the “Choom Wagon”. To have the Feds get in the pot business for tax reasons as the country further stupifys itself is insane. The latest buzz is about an opioid crisis and the government wants to sue the drug manufacturers. If they could collect taxes […]

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Reader says too late for New Jersey to make business-friendly changes

Even if one were to wave a magic wand and make these business-friendly changes, it’s way too late. NJ is operating in a state of virtual bankruptcy and servicing its debt is beyond anything changes like these could address. The world is changing, and location is no longer an issue. Businesses can be anywhere now […]

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New Jersey Ranks Worse in Fiscal Health then Bankrupt Illinois

July 26,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The fiscal health of America’s states affects all its citizens. Indicators of fiscal health come in a variety of forms—from a state’s ability to attract businesses and how much it taxes to what services it provides and how well it keeps its promises to public-sector employees.

The Mercatus […]

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Reader says we have close to 200 homes for sale in Ridgewood

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I’m in the real estate market in the village, and we have close to 200 homes for sale. 40% of them are senior citizens, the rest are people that are bailing out. And they all tell me that this town is overrated. The schools are not number one anymore, the services are not the […]

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Towns where property taxes hurt the most in each of N.J.’s 21 counties

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Updated July 18, 2017
Posted July 18, 2017

By Samantha Marcus | NJ Advance Media for

So where in your county do property taxes hurt the most?

Last month, we showed you which towns in New Jersey had the highest property tax burdens, which is to say, those where the average property tax bill […]

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Another tax climate survey shows dismal results for New Jersey

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By Vince Calio, June 27, 2017 at 1:19 PM

Yet another business survey has found that New Jersey has one of the worst tax climates for small businesses, but those numbers may not be telling the whole story.

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s Small Business Tax Index 2017 ranked all 50 states […]

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Democrat Bill Reimbursing Sanctuary Cities for Federal Funding Cuts Continues Advancing

By Alyana Alfaro • 06/19/17 4:25pm

Cities in New Jersey that do not use resources to enforce federal immigration laws regarding undocumented immigrants —known as sanctuary cities— may soon be able to apply for state grants aimed at replacing federal funding that is withheld due to sanctuary jurisdiction.

On Monday, a bill requiring the state to establish […]

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Ridgewood,Glen Rock and Ho Ho Kus all Make the NICHE 2017 100 Best Places to Buy a House list

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June 7,2017
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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood ,Glen Rock and Ho Ho Kus all Make the NICHE 2017 100 Best Places to Buy a House list.

The NICHE 2017 Best Places to Buy a House ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the housing and community of an area. This grade takes into account […]

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