N.J. bill would fund sanctuary cities denied federal dollars by Trump

James — you should post this and then seek comment from the progressive Clinton/Gottheimer fans. How much are they willing to pay Hudson County over and beyond the Abbott money already going there?

By Steve Strunsky | NJ Advance Media for
on February 07, 2017 at 8:06 PM, updated February 08, 2017 at 9:27 AM


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New Jersey tax collections still struggling to reach pre-recession levels


New Jersey is one of 23 states still trying to boost its tax revenue levels to pre-recession levels, according to a Pew Charitable Trust report.

At its peak, the fourth quarter of 2007, the state took in $8.7 billion in revenue. It hit a low point at the end of 2011, with only […]

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Cigarette Taxes and Cigarette Smuggling by State, 2014

Tax policies sometimes have unintended consequences that outweigh their benefits.One consequence of high state cigarette taxes is increased smuggling. People procure discounted packs from low-tax states to sell in high-tax states.

January 17, 2017


Scott Drenkard,
Joseph Henchman

FISCAL FACT No. 537: Cigarette Taxes and Cigarette Smuggling by State, 2014 (PDF)

Key Findings:

Excessive tax rates on cigarettes approach de […]

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American Dream Meadowlands $1B bond sale still on hold

Attorneys for Triple Five, the developer of American Dream Meadowlands, told the state Appellate Court in September that immediate dismissal of a lawsuit against the project must be made so as not to impede a complex financial sequence that must culminate on Nov. 4. The court dismissed the case the next day.

Yet more than nine […]

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Financial Planning Association of New Jersey “Know Your Money” Series Talks Taxes

The second installment of a video series asks people about taxes, underscoring the importance of the role a CFP® and other professionals make.

January 19,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ,  The Financial Planning Association of New Jersey (FPANJ) continues its five-part video series to stress the importance of learning about your money, and how a Certified […]

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New Jersey politicians should forget about Trump and Focus on NewJersey

January 18,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, As inauguration day approaches for president-elect Donald Trump, NJ politicians continue to make fools out of themselves. While some are sitting out the inauguration, others are protesting or criticizing Trumps cabinet picks.

Yesterday “environmental advocates” in New Jersey leveled scathing criticisms of Trump’s cabinet picks and issuing warnings […]

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file photo by Boyd Loving


Democrats Sweeney and Prieto will pursue individual approaches to funding reform

Get ready to hear a lot more about school funding in New Jersey.

This week will start what could amount to nine separate public hearings in the next month about the state of school funding for New […]

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Report: 25% of Morris households can’t afford to live in county

Michael Izzo , @MIzzoDR4:40 p.m. ET Jan. 16, 2017

Rising costs are putting basic necessities out of reach for 37 percent or 1.2 million New Jersey households, according to the United Way ALICE Report released by United Way of Northern New Jersey.

“ALICE – Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed; Study of Financial Hardship” shows that the minimum […]

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N.J. leads nation in foreclosures (again) in 2016

By Rajeev Dhir | NJ Advance Media for
on January 13, 2017 at 7:04 AM, updated January 13, 2017 at 5:20 PM

New Jersey led the country in foreclosures for the second year in a row at more than double the national rate.

Atlantic City topped the national list of metro areas with the highest foreclosure rate […]

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Meet Joe Rullo he want to drain the Swamp in Trenton

January 13,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, like many of you we have been concerned over the State of New Jersey’s sustainability . The tax base in New Jersey has been under precipitous decline since Jon Corzine. Soon there will be no one here left to pay all the taxes .

In 2017, New Jersey voters […]

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