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Reader says ,”How easy it is to attack instead of using your time to help out”

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“Its so easy to post anonymous comments, isn’t it? You can say anything you want, and not be responsible for explaining your statements. Re: the posts:
The ad hoc committee had a lot of friction, but in the end a compromise was reached; lets not forget the public paid for the purchase of the property so all views had to be aired and discussed. The results of the committee (and yes, the four of us were the voice of the neighbors, even though I do not live in the neighborhood) were a berm with trees, sheltering Route 17 from the smaller field (NOT the 90′ field which is what the neighbors opposed), and an evergreen tree line along West Saddle River Road, further sheltering the residents . Also, a playground (the neighbors had no public fields previously), restrooms, restoring the house for public use (the neighbors had no community space), and historical markers along a walking trail. The 90 ft field (which it turns out was not needed in the first place) is replaced by a smaller kickball/youth soccer field. Before Isabella died, she understood the need for a smaller field, and was not opposed to recreation areas. The Friends of Schedler met and the majority agreed a smaller field was a good compromise; the vote was not 100%, not everyone agreed, but the majority did. The evergreen tree line was going in along W. Saddle River Road, a plus for the residents who previously had noise and pollution from the traffic along Route 17 from deciduous trees.
Once the berm is finished, the area will be restored as much as possible. How easy it is to attack instead of using your time to help out.”

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Schedler Property : The new plan is significantly scaled down compared to the 2015 plan

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January 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Councilmen Ramon Hache’s latest news letter , the Village Council rescinded the 2015 resolution that included a 90 ft. baseball diamond and a 120 x 75 yard multi-purpose field. To be clear, a 90 ft. diamond refers to the distance between the bases, not the depth of the outfield. The 2015 plan would have led to the clear-cutting of most of the trees on the property and the athletic fields component would have taken up more than 4 acres (total size of the property is 7 acres).

The Councilmen states, ” The Schedler property presented a few challenges, some of which were immediate and some required some planning into the future. There were numerous dead trees, hanging limbs and leaning trees that had to be removed immediately since they posed a liability. The cleanup was authorized in October. In order to move forward on planning for the future use of the property, the Village Council created an ad hoc committee to propose a development plan. The ad hoc committee met regularly and also reached out to residents and sports groups for input regarding their respective needs.

The ad hoc committee presented its recommendation to the Village Council in December. The new plan is significantly scaled down compared to the 2015 plan. It strikes a balance between the needs of the neighborhood, and sports groups, while taking consideration of historical preservation and passive recreation. The new plan does not include a baseball diamond and the proposed 50 x 75 yard multipurpose field only takes up a little over ¾ of an acre. The plan includes parking, a playground, walking trails, and bathrooms with a built-in overhang that can provide shelter from lightning. The next phase of planning will involve cost estimates. Only then will the Village Council be ready to move forward on a final plan.”