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Reader says,”The very fact that students presumably got a break on their grades by merely buying a ticket is horrible”

“How did May 22 determine that “there was no selling of grades”? Did they actually check with the students in that class or the teacher him/herself? Many above responses were in the line of “So what?” and stating this was a common practice in the schools. The very fact that students presumably got a break on their grades by merely buying a ticket is horrible. The whole concept is totally wrong but if you are actually doing these kind of things regularly–and as above writers stated “The student accomplished a learning experience for which they should get raises in their grades because they did something educational”–without a sign in and sign out sheet, how can anyone know they were actually there? After reading this column it is easy to see how those who were rich enough could see no wrong in buying their child’s way into college. It started young by “buying grades” in earlier school situations. I do admit that many students have bought their way into many schools by their parents buying a building or making a huge contribution to the school in which entrance is desired. I see no way to stop this but paying someone to “get the student into the school” was obviously set up by someone who wanted to pocket the money rather than having it go directly to the schools. Where our son went to school the Chairman of the board was the head of a huge corporation and had 5 children–4 of whom went to that school but the 5th was turned down as the school felt she would be unable to keep up with the requirements. Where is that honesty today? “

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Reader suggests , Tradition of Excellence “is for sale

tradition of excellence

“If extra credit doesn’t matter why offer it. “Quite small” what does that mean? You are not clear.

“Nominal fee” Money of any amount should not be allowed to be used to BUY extra credit. Not even one cent. We are talking about a public school in the United State of America. Isn’t that against the law for public schools in the United States of America. Buying good grades.

Are you teaching kids that they can buy their way into what should be an accomplishment, good grades? A kid who can afford the $20 might earn an A minus instead of a B plus. A kid who cannot afford the $20 could get the B plus. A college looking at grades considers the grades.

“Nominal fee” is infuriating. Some families count every penny. Money, not even one cent, should be permitted for PURCHASE of an improved grade, extra credit.

Because of what you expressed in your letter you should be fired Right Now.

Your values, your attitude, your standards should not be allowed in a public school, Ridgewood High School. ( I am not a parent of a school age child.) I am a longtime resident of this town.
And I thought my school taxes were PURCHASING a TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE. “

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Reader says ,” negative comments (on schools) do not appear to be grounded in reality”


“It always surprises me how much people seem to self hate. If an out of state person were to read the comments one would think we are talking about Paterson or Camden or the South Bronx. My dad lived in Glen Rock and graduated RHS in the 50s my wife and I in the 80s, our kids in the 2000s and 2010s . My personal observation is that there was a slight dip (see graph) but over the decades RHS has maintained pretty well. I do think there is a risk that private schools like Bosco will continue to improve and outpace the public schools. But the negative comments do not appear to be grounded in reality.”

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Reader Questions ” Tradition of Excellence”

Ridgewood Police at RHS

“Tradition of Excellence” ?

OK, let’s look at the numbers, shall we…

Out of the 70 municipalities in Bergen County, we in Ridgewood pay the 37th highest property tax rates. This is to say that we pay *slightly less than* the average property tax rate. We certainly do *not* pay “high taxes” relative to some municipalities.

These guys pay the most (expressed per $1,000 of assessed value):

Bogota (Borough) 3.8
Ridgefield Park (Village) 3.723
Dumont (Borough) 3.525
Hackensack (City) 3.415

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Ridgewood teachers seem to confuse a “tradition of excellence” with they, themselves, being excellent?

REA Members come out to greet our Board of Ed

Readers say……..Not sure why the teachers seem to confuse a “tradition of excellence” with they, themselves, being excellent? The decline in our schools suggests they are, in fact, not continuing with the tradition… And health benefits and above property tax wage increases seem to be taken for granted. Offer them a diminished contract and if they don’t like it, they are fee to seek employment with another school board or in the private sector. If the grass is greener, walk!

Are we all aware of the actions the teachers are taking. They are so unprofessional and demonstrate a total lack of excellence and just no passion at all for the kids. They wait outside te high school as a group until the last minute required for school start, they lock the classroom doors during down time as not to be bothered to help a kid who may need it. They will not attend a single function, award presentation, and in many cases do not offer to help write a recommendation letter or even some guidance. Teachers that do offer to support anything outside what is in the contract are threatened and hassled by other teachers.

These are not good people, they do not care about the kids, and they are taking advantage of this town who values eduction. No one is getting 3% raised a year, everyone is paying more for healthcare, and very few only work 180 days a year.

Fire a few, I will take the job, after 40 years in corporate companies I could,use the relaxed job