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CDC says Study on Safety of “Crumb Rubber” Could Take Two More Years


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

‘Ridgewood NJ, in 2015 and 20016 Three federal agencies are teaming up to investigate the safety of crumb rubber artificial turf used in playing fields and playground all across the country,the investigation was the subject of a series on NBC News .NBC reported that the “The Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced an “action plan” on Friday to answer questions raised about synthetic turf made from recycled tires and possible risks for young athletes.”

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Reader says voting for Harwin and Willett is a disaster for Ridgewood by letting more of Aronson’s clones in to continue destroying our Village.

paul aronsohn

If you vote for Aronson’s people–who are the only ones running in opposition– You are voting for more massive building, a Garagezilla, and any other major commercial endeavor they can find to have us buy and pay for. I know you’re not happy with our present candidates but throwing them out can lead to many more Health Barn type places in inappropriate places. Susan and Michael have been working for laws that won’t allow that to happen again. Please, be patient and comb the woods for suitable candidates next time. Voting for the opposition is not just voting Susan and Mike out, it is voting disaster in to Ridgewood by letting more of Aronson’s clones in to continue destroying our Village.

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Reader asks What ever Happened to the Company that Was Investigated for Faulty Turf Field Construction?


Maple was FieldTurf- the subject of that giant investigative journalism story and hearings.. whatever came of that?

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Reader says Maple Turf Field is a Waste of Money


Stop wasting my tax money on this shit. Do you realize in 12 years now we spent 2 1/2 million dollars on this field do you remember all the floods we have there do you know much paving we can do for a half million dollars. My street was just paved , the last time that was repaved was over 25 years ago. I would rather see my tax money going towards replacing curbs and sidewalks  then fake grass if anything you could use clean fill dirt and put down sod in with an a lot cheaper waste waste waste

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“Clear Cut” , “turf Field” Roberta has issues with the new tree ordinance


June 22,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a letter to the editor former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, Tree tax is a bad idea . Is it just us or does anyone else find in both ironic and ridiculous that one of the people who pushed the “clear cutting” several acres of trees at Schedler Property ,in order to build a new turf baseball field has issues with the new tree ordinance ?

The ordinance regulating tree removals on private property requires a permit to remove any tree larger than 8 inches in diameter. Any healthy tree removed must be replaced, or a payment made in lieu of replacement. Key provisions of the new ordinance are outlined below.

The ordinance was specifically established to protect the Village of Ridgewood from people like Roberta Sonenfeld and Paul Aronsohn who were looking to ‘clear cut” and  turf down every inch in the Village of Ridgewood . As they say “round up the usual suspects “, we bet most readers can add a litany of names to this list.

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N.J. Senate hearing to probe alleged fraud by top U.S. turf company


By Christopher Baxter and Matthew Stanmyre | NJ Advance Media for
on January 24, 2017 at 5:07 PM, updated January 24, 2017 at 5:11 PM

A state Senate panel will hold a hearing Monday on a report that the leading maker of artificial sports fields in the U.S., FieldTurf, for years sold a popular line of turf to taxpayers across the country after knowing it was falling apart.

The hearing, scheduled for 1 p.m. in Trenton before the Senate Commerce Committee, comes in response to an NJ Advance Media investigation published in December that called into question whether the company had committed fraud.

“This is a first step in our effort to determine exactly what happened and to take the action necessary at the state level to ensure that taxpayers are protected,” the chairwoman of the committee, Sen. Nellie Pou (D-Passaic), said in a statement.

She called the findings of the investigation “incredibly concerning.” The company has denied any wrongdoing.

The committee will hear testimony from FieldTurf executives, school officials and others who have been invited to testify, the statement said.

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School boards across N.J. to coordinate legal action against FieldTurf


By Christopher Baxter and Matthew Stanmyre | NJ Advance Media for
on December 07, 2016 at 1:43 PM, updated December 07, 2016 at 2:08 PM

The state School Boards Association will coordinate legal action against the nation’s top maker of artificial sports fields, FieldTurf, in response to a report that the company for years sold high-end turf after knowing it was falling apart.

The executive director of the group, Lawrence Feinsod, said Wednesday the allegations should “anger anyone concerned about corporate responsibility” and that he supported calls for an investigation by the state attorney general.

“We are urging school boards to have their attorneys contact NJSBA’s general counsel, who will assist districts in identifying and coordinating legal action,” Feinsod said in a statement.

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For years, Company Made Millions Selling faulty Turf fields



Late in 2006, the CEO and co-founder of FieldTurf — the leading maker of artificial sports fields — urgently emailed a supplier about a new turf being marketed and sold to the public as the best money could buy.

The issue was so pressing, some of the messages went out on New Year’s Eve.

The subject was so troubling, it could cripple both companies.

And the problem was so basic, anyone could understand it: Fields were falling apart before they should.

Ten months later, FieldTurf executives flew to New Jersey to check out the product, known as Duraspine, in one of their most lucrative markets. They discovered more trouble. The turf was breaking apart and lying flat, undermining their own breathless marketing materials that heralded its revolutionary durability.

The stakes couldn’t have been higher. Sales to schools and towns across the country were skyrocketing, and the company was turning big profits off taxpayers. A problem this significant, if people knew, could cost tens of millions in warranty claims and ruin its prized reputation for quality.

So FieldTurf powered on, full steam ahead, keeping customers in the dark even as the Great Recession was forcing communities to cut school programs and lay off teachers and police officers.

All told, from 2005 until Duraspine was discontinued in 2012, records show FieldTurf sold 1,428 of the fields throughout the U.S. — including 164 in New Jersey — for an estimated $570 million in revenue.

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Artificial turf gets a closer look after report raises safety concerns


By Caitlin Gibson September 23, 2015

For many athletes who play on artificial turf, the tiny granules of rubber that pad the field are familiar and ubiquitous. The black specks often get trapped in folds of clothing, carried home in shoes or embedded in scrapes and under fingernails.

Crumb rubber infill — the most common material used in artificial turf fields across the country — is intended to improve safety and create a more accessible, easily maintained playing field. But after recent public concerns about possible health risks from exposure to crumb rubber, several local jurisdictions are searching for clearer answers about its potential dangers and considering alternatives.

The issue is a modern one.

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Ridgewood Baseball Softball Association who’s on First


September 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, since so many readers asked about the nature of the RBSA Ridgewood Baseball Softball Association . Its a well funded and heavily participated organization in Ridgewood .The Ridgewood blog searched the RBSA website to see who was doing what .

Financials :

RBSA Monthly Meetings

The RBSA officers and trustees meet at Lester Stable usually on the second Monday of every month at 7:30 PM (8pm during rec season).

Executive Board 2015 – 2016:

Jim AlbanoPresident(201)
Scott MullerExecutive VP(201)
Ed SeaversTreasurer (201)
Frank BennettVP Baseball(201)
Tony BarberaVP Softball(201) 445-1880
Tim BoucherSecretary(917)

Trustees: 2015-2016

Brendan BuckleyTrustee(551)
Steve CorrellTrustee(201)
Michael ConnTrustee(201)
Don DelzioTrustee(201)
Bill DowsonTrustee(201)
Marc FavieriTrustee(201)
Ryan GreaneyTrustee(201)
Glen HamelTrustee(201)
Tracy KeeneyTrustee(201)
Andy MeyerTrustee(201)
Jeff NormanTrustee(201)
Tom OlsenTrustee(201)
Todd PattonTrustee(201)
James PowersTrustee(201)
Lisa PowersTrustee(201)
Lauren RadossichTrustee(973)
Mike VigliottiTrustee(917)

Operations: 2015-2016

Equipment (BB)/FieldsBill Dowson(201)
Equipment (SB)Tom Olsen(201)
Fields Scheduling **Ed Seavers(201)
Uniforms (Rec)Ryan Greaney(201)
Youth UmpiresAndy Meyer(201)
Admin/RegistrationKarin Whalen(201)

** Scheduling for fields via email only.

RBSA Statement Of Philosophy

The Ridgewood Baseball & Softball Association’s (RBSA) primary objective is to provide an opportunity for the young men and women of the community to learn to play the games of baseball and softball in an atmosphere that will reinforce the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, teamwork, and to foster their growth into healthy and responsible citizens. We provide Spring and Summer recreational programs as well as advanced, competitive travel programs in the Spring, Summer and Fall.


Each year the RBSA solicits volunteers to assist the officers and trustees with a wide range of activities. We are grateful for the many volunteers who help us by coaching, as well as those who lend their support with fund-raising, parade activities, team administration and the like – thereby enabling the board to concentrate on player and program development. As required by the Little League Child Protection Program, a background check will be conducted on each volunteer in the New Jersey Registered Sex Offender database. RBSA ensures that any and all information obtained during this process will be considered extremely confidential and not shared with anyone outside the RBSA Board.

Lower and Upper
301 Godwin Ave
RIdgewood NJ

155 Washington Place
Ridgewood NJ
865 E Glen Ave
Ridgewood NJ
1037 Hillcrest Road
Ridgewood NJ
Upper and Lower
531 Stevens Ave
Ridgewood NJ
44 S Pleasant Ave
Ridgewood NJ
240 Northern Pkwy
Ridgewood NJ
230 Demarest St
Ridgewood NJ
325 West Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood NJ
45 S Pleasant Ave
Ridgewood NJ
Please DO NOT park on North Irving – you will be ticketed. Park at or around Ridgewood High School
43 N Irving St
Ridgewood NJ
340 Bogert Ave
Ridgewood NJ
160 Northern Parkway
Ridgewood NJ
601 Morningside Rd
Ridgewood NJ