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Reader says , ” The voters keep electing Menendez and the worst type of crony politicians possible”

New Jersey deserves everything that happens to it. The voters keep electing Menendez and the worst type of crony politicians possible. Then, we’re supposed to be shocked when Hudson County Machine Bob has a fresh new dye job and is on a beach in PR with a bikini-clad hottie? We’re doomed!

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Reader says , “Not just election year mud slinging”

For the poster above that wants to say this is just election year mud slinging do your own investigation instead of reading the talking points. That eye doctor Uncle Bob was hanging out with is a bad dude and he bought access all the way up to President Clinton. Say all you want about a hung jury in his criminal trial (let that sink in – his criminal trial) but is that what you want as your senator “indicted but only almost convicted?” And let’s not forget that the biggest ol’ Boys club in the history of western civilization actually censured one of their own in a bi-partisan basis when they found his behavior indefensible. Let that sink in too: a whole bunch of democrat senators said “Bob, tone it down, you’re making us look bad and now we have no choice but to do something about it.” Vote for whoever you want but at least be honest with yourself that you’re voting for a party not a good person.

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Democrat Bob Menendez Corruption and Bribery Trial , Declared a Mistrial

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November 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, U.S. District Court Judge Williams Walls,  the judge presiding over the corruption and bribery case against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has declared a mistrial after the jury said that it was deadlocked and unable to make a decision.