New Jersey Teachers Facing Layoffs

May 10,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, whats this New Jersey school districts laying off teachers ? Perhaps the day of reckoning may be coming .
Its started in 2015 with Paterson School district laying off people ,now this year both Lakewood and Bayonne . Wherev there is smoke there is fire ?

Bayonne school board […]

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Reader says Municipal Consolidation Will Never Happen

file photo by Boyd Loving

Good luck – this hurts union jobs and so those thugs and their toadies in Trenton will say anything and everything to oppose municipal consolidation. Home rule allows for about 70% more police than we actually need, etc. But the unions lackeys will lie till their Pinocchio noses reach Pennsylvania telling […]

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Yesterday’s dismissal of the Newark ‘LIFO’ case and recent decisions continue to show how the court is a force in education in Garden State

Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson.

For all the attention on the State House in driving education policy, New Jersey’s courts yesterday continued to show their long and storied […]

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Sweeney Pledges More Aid for “Underfunded NJ Schools”

By Salvador Rizzo • 05/02/17 12:47pm

Senate President Steve Sweeney drew a line in the sand over school funding on Tuesday, saying his house would only pass a budget that shifts state dollars to underfunded urban and suburban districts this year.

Gov. Chris Christie has drafted a $35.5 billion spending plan for fiscal 2018 — $13.8 billion […]

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Reader says ,NJ Pension Liabilities paying for the past and ignoring investment in the future

Paying for the past instead of investing for the future? Explains much of why NJ’s economy is in the toilet. an interesting test case on what to do as the state spirals down into oblivion. New legislation will be needed to resolve the liabilities, many of the needed federal & state laws haven’t been […]

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Reader talks NJ Pension Fix

…this has been a problem for almost 4 decades. I wish there was a magic solution. Sen Moynihan was trying to figure this out and commented how convoluted and arcane the process was. I would think holding our washington reps accountable and stop re-electing them unless they work to divert more money home would be […]

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Another report shows N.J. has worst public pension debt in U.S.

By Samantha Marcus | NJ Advance Media for
on April 20, 2017 at 6:14 PM, updated April 21, 2017 at 8:14 AM

TRENTON — Another study has found New Jersey’s public pension system is in the worst shape of any state in the nation.

The state’s pension woes helped boost how much money public pension systems across […]

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Complexity and confusion about the law may have discouraged contractors from contributing directly to candidates and parties last year

For more than a decade, New Jersey’s pay-to-play laws have provided a check on businesses’ ability to contribute money to politicians in the hope of getting a government contract in return.

Last year, […]

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Unused sick days are costing us billions, as Democrats dawdle

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Sick pay is for those who get sick. If you don’t get sick, you shouldn’t get sick pay. Period.

The same goes for all fringe benefits. If you’re not disabled, you don’t get disability. If you’re not unemployed, you […]

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N.J. State Police troopers have to pay their own tolls, court rules

file photo by Boyd Loving

By S.P. Sullivan | NJ Advance Media for
on April 14, 2017 at 10:23 AM, updated April 14, 2017 at 4:51 PM

TRENTON — The New Jersey State Police does not have to reimburse state troopers for toll fares during their commute to and from work, an appeals court has ruled in […]

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