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Reader says Ridgewood is lacking the expertise in planning and far too influenced by the local developer and the big CBD landowners to get it right with out outside expertise


Towns facing these dilemmas have turned to professional planning groups and we need to do the same. One was outlined in the auditions at BF for the multi-family studies the village did. The professional planners from BFJ Planning came and talked about how they worked with places like Bedford, NY as they talk about here:

Our planner is outgunned for the jump, he’s part time, has limited experience and has not seen the scale of assault that this village is under. We need to redirect our spend in planning to real pros who do this work at scale, have far broader experiences and deeper expertise. The answer to the questions is not the same old pap that Al and Paul and others use when they site the 1967 study. The future is coming, our village is lacking the expertise in planning and far too influenced by the local developer and the big CBD landowners to get it right with out outside expertise.

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Studies needed at Ridgewood’s Schedler property

Save Our Schedler Members & Friends at the Schedler House3

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JANUARY 29, 2016    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016, 12:31 AM

Studies needed at Schedler property

To the editor:

As a resident of the Schedler neighborhood, I’m writing to thank the Village Council for all of their efforts seeking the best design possible for the Schedler property. Specifically, I’m thankful to our Village Council for the following: (i) Mayor Aronsohn and several Council members have toured the Schedler property with neighborhood representatives, and observed firsthand the loud volume of highway noise where the current design places home plate, first base and the bleachers; (ii) as a result of such visits, the Village Council has agreed to place on its agenda the retention of a noise expert to provide advice on abating the loud, Route 17 traffic noise, and (iii) adjourning consideration of retaining the noise expert from the crowded, Jan. 27 agenda.

Simultaneously, I wish to reiterate my request that the Village Council retain a comprehensive group of experts, including a landscape architect and a traffic and safety expert in order to design the best park possible.

It appears that the Village Council is seeking to “save” money by using the Village Engineer for these critical design tasks. As the mayor and other council members who toured the Schedler property discovered, the current design places home plate and first base within 30 feet of a major highway — and it is too noisy for the enjoyable use of the players, coaches and parents.

Can you imagine spending several million dollars of taxpayer dollars on a park, only to discover that it’s too noisy to enjoy. But for the input of the Schedler neighborhood, and our council’s willingness to tour the site to hear the noise firsthand, that scenario would’ve become a reality.

I encourage the council to avoid being pound wise and penny foolish. Let’s retain bona fide experts now in order to insure that the park is designed to the highest standards for the benefit of our athletes, their families, the neighborhood and the entire village.

Please note that the Schedler neighborhood has submitted a proposal for the intelligent design of the Schedler property. The proposal provides a logical roadmap for designing an excellent park at the Schedler property, including an athletic field, for the maximum benefit for all of Ridgewood. The proposal has been submitted to the Mayor, the Council, the Open Space Committee and to the RBSA.

I respectfully request that The Ridgewood News publish the proposal in order to keep village residents informed.

David Edelberg