Reader says Affordable housing can be beneficial to a handful of people but can be devastating to so many more

This affordability thing is one of the most perverted things I have come across.. How can an organization such as Fair Share housing have so much leverage in dictating their agenda. How can they play as they wish with the quality of life of so many towns, villages and people who have worked hard to […]

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Reader asks are we prepared for the additional strain of the hundreds of new families who are going to be moving downtown

file photo by Boyd Loving

Lot of water leaks in town – – our infrastructure is aging and we need to take preventive steps. At the same time, we need to be prepared for the additional strain of the hundreds of new families who are going to be moving downtown once the projects are completed.
Is the […]

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Reader asks Where will the Water Come from for the hundreds of new families’ in the CBD

No-one seems to want to answer the questions put forth in many prior blogs.
1. Where is the water going to come from to supply the needs of all these new residences? I realize they don’t water but hundreds of new families’ personal uses would probably end up to close to the amount of water the […]

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A Vote for Phil Murphy is a Vote for More Over Development in Ridgewood 

September 28,2017

by Carolee Adams

Ridgewood NJ, if you are opposed to COAH/Fair Share Housing in NJ? Being overrun with developers taking advantage of its unfair, unconstitutional formula? Express your protest at the voting booth on Election Day! One of its major funders is the Philip and Tammy Murphy Family Foundation and, as we know, Phil Murphy […]

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Ridgewood Blog Poll : Biggest Issue in Ridgewood is Taxes

Parking   31 %
Unelected Special Interests   6.9 %
Urbanization 11 %
Taxes          33.1 %
CBD                 2 %
Development    7.3 %
Cost of Living   8.7 %

September 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the long running Ridgewood blog poll  gave us an interesting take on what […]

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Tomorrow begins the hard core campaign season in New Jersey

Tomorrow begins the hard core campaign season in New Jersey. People oftentimes ask me, particularly in this current climate, why did I agree to run for office? I am an accomplished businesswoman, attorney, wife and mom. I have survived a bout of melanoma and a recent brain aneurysm. I have worked at the local truck […]

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Municipal consolidation: Will it mean mergers or collisions?


Updated on September 3, 2017 at 8:02 AM Posted on September 3, 2017 at 6:30 AM

With an election coming up, we’re hearing a lot about consolidating towns and school districts as a means of solving our property-tax problem.

Before this goes any further, let me warn all involved about the nature of such transactions.

Consolidations are like […]

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Holly Schepisi New Jersey State Assemblywoman for District 39 accuses the founder of Fair Share Housing of creating a “totally false” narrative 

photo by Dana Glazer

August 31,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

River Vale NJ, In this interview the founder of Fair Share Housing stares that municipalities aren’t being forced to allow builders to build 5 market rate units for an affordable unit and that the narrative is “totally false.” For my friends around the State facing lawsuits […]

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Van Emburgh Avenue Apartment complex would have negative impact on local community

Our quiet, serene, beautiful and peaceful neighborhood on Van Emburgh Avenue stretching from Washington Township into Ridgewood and made up of 100 percent single family homes is about to be shattered by a court-ordered imposition of a 44-unit apartment complex. This mandate is to satisfy some nebulous rules about complying with Affordable Housing politically-correct social […]

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Ridgewood planners hear details on special-needs housing at Sealfons site

Nicholas Katzban, Staff Writer, @NicholasKatzbanPublished 11:22 p.m. ET Aug. 16, 2017

RIDGEWOOD — The president of Bergen County’s United Way this week offered details on special-needs housing that could be coming to downtown Ridgewood.

Thomas Toronto testified before the Planning Board on Tuesday about an agreement his organization has brokered to include special-needs housing as part of […]

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