Aronsohn Betrayal Complete; Saraceno Gets His Monster Apartment on Franklin

June 27,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,Cornered by the deal former Mayor Paul Aronsohn cut with developers including resident John Saraceno, Monday night the village planning board had no legal choice but to approve Saraceno’s site application at the former Ken Smith Ford lot on Franklin. Now Saraceno will build a 66 unit, 5 […]

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Reader says if people don’t speak up, nothing is going to be done to stop the next round of over-development

Folks have tried to change the Aronson laws that were passed to allow these projects to go forward. The basic enabling law was repealed by the new council. Other attempts were made. But, frankly, due to a lack of backbone on the Council, the Aronson Apartment projects are going forward.

This council and planning board could […]

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State’s water supply master plan short on solutions

6:04 p.m. ET June 24, 2017

New Jersey’s almost 9 million residents make this state denser than India or Japan. And the population is projected to grow to 10.2 to 10.4 million by 2040. Will we have enough water for our residents, farmers, businesses, industries — and the environment — now and in the future?

That question […]

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Affordable housing mandate threatens quality of life, mayor says

“While I know this is Somerset, it is obvious that with the exception of District 39 and District 40 leadership, the crickets from District 36, District 37 and District 38 are becoming more incessant. When will the leadership of NJ Legislature stop playing this “partisan card”? “, Edward Durfee

Affordable housing mandate threatens quality of life, […]

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Fair Share Housing admits its own numbers are “a lie” yet continue to use those numbers to attack every suburban municipality in NJ.

June 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  The Fair Share Housing Center expected the Mercer County Superior Court to affirm it’s projected affordable housing obligations; but are now saying those numbers are a lie after Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi used them to paint a picture of over-development.

Fair Share, which has taken towns to court to […]

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Reader says It is unbelievable if not one of our council members attended the OVERDEVELOPMENT forum Bergen Community College

It is unbelievable if not one of our council members attended this event!!! Instead of wasting your time on silly squabble, bet down to the issues that affect each and every tax payer in Ridgewood. We do not want to turn our town over to developers who are going to destroy the Village and line […]

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Fair Share Housing Non Profit Attacks and attempts to Bully Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi

June 19,2017
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Ridgewood NJ, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi represents 23 municipalities located in Bergen and Passaic counties, all of which have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on professional fees as a result of the failure and inaction of our State to provide guidance on how to comply with Court decisions on […]

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Time to Put and End to Forced Overdependent of Bergen County

Reader, “If people just read this and don’t share the information, nothing will change. Do people think change comes by people sitting on their duffs in the living room and doing nothing more? Go to the event and support her at this event, otherwise, leaving it to someone else just won’t cut it anymore. Progressives […]

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Reader says obvious silly ploy of Aronsohn and morally corrupt Patsy’s

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This is such an obvious silly ploy of aronsohn and his political motives and morally corrupt Patsys. I don’t know why more people don’t see through this,
He made big promises and he didn’t deliver. He literally NEEDS to corrupt this current council and break it all apart to sneak his people […]

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Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi to Hold Town Hall on Court Forced Overdevelopment in Bergen County

May 25,2017

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Paramus NJ, Under recent affordable housing rulings by the NJ Supreme Court, our communities are being forced to permit construction of up to  1.5 MILLION new units of unneeded housing in order to satisfy a fictitious population increase of 30 percent in the next 9 years.

Protect our State from […]

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