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Live Concerts at Kasschau Memorial Shell could Increase Your Life Expectancy

Band Shell 3 Easy chairs

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Ridgewood NJ, A new study conducted by O2, a company which owns some of United Kingdom’s largest music venues, and Patrick Fagan claims that attending live concerts can help increase life expectancy and improve overall well-being.

Fagan, who is an associate lecturer a Goldsmith University specializing in behavioral science, said, “Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and wellbeing – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key. Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

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Medevac Helicopter Transports Patients to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood

photo courtesy of Ridgewood EMS

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Emergency Services was requested to provide emergency assistance with a medevac landing on Veteran’s Field for a critical care transport to The Valley Hospital. With the assistance of the Ridgewood Fire Department and Ridgewood Police Department, RES cleared the field and provided support for the medevac operations. Ridgewood Ambulance 10 transport for the patient and critical care team to The Valley Hospital was provided by Ambulance 10.

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A Note to the Council About the Library’s Expensive Proposition to Gut Itself and Start Over


The following note was sent to the Village Council with a copy to the Village Manager.

Dear Council:
It is my impression that the library director and board are asking the Council to pave over part of Veterans Field for parking so that they can increase services further and build a performance venue at the library.

This is a bad idea–no, a terrible idea. Our parks have already been largely given over to sports. What’s left must be considered sacrosanct. As the temporary custodians of the village, you make decisions that will last for decades or forever. You are responsible for holding firm on this. I believe such a decision would be wildly unpopular.

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Who Pays for Veterans Field Helicopter Landings


December 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, as the Ridgewood blog reported earlier today the Ridgewood Police, Fire Department , and Emergency Services personnel responded to assist at a medical transport helicopter landing on Wednesday, 12/13 at Veterans Field.
At Wednesdays council meeting resident Boyd Loving stated that lately these “courtesy transfers ”  from Valley Hospital  seem to be a frequent reoccurring event . He made the point that the use of Village services for courtesy transfers should not be paid for by Village taxpayers . Significant Village resources are being deployed and occupied by these transfers .
Loving stated that the Village should pass an ordinance requiring Valley to pay for the use of Village assets with the transport of patients outbound from The Valley Hospital to other facilities.
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Ridgewood many tree lined parks to beat the heat

Twinney Pond Park

July 29,2016
the staff  of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a park is also a nice place to beat the heat and Ridgewood many tree lined parks . Take advantage there are more parks than your realize ; the mission statement of the Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation is to preserve open space and provide facilities and year round recreational activities that meet the needs of all residents.

The Division of Parks is responsible for the maintenance of all Village owned parkland, athletic facilities, planting of flowerbeds (in cooperation with Project Pride) and landscaping throughout the community. In addition, the division is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the Graydon Pool facility and grounds as well as all departmental special events throughout the year.

Shade Tree
The Shade Tree Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of approximately 15, 000 Village owned street trees on 100 miles of public ways, as well as additional trees and shrubs in parks and on other public grounds. This includes all aspects, such as removal, planting, and pruning. The Shade Tree Division does a tree planting for Arbor Day, which is usually the last Friday in April. The division currently offers a memorial tree/bench program to honor the memory of a friend or family member.

Citizen’s Park
Located at the corner of Godwin Avenue and North Monroe Street. Citizen’s Park includes a softball field, multipurpose field, a small sided softball field, an open play area, benches and gardens.

Dunham Trail
Located between Grove Street and Spring Avenue along the Ho Ho Kus brook and the public service right-of-way. Dunham Trail is one of the Village wildscape areas.

On Dunham trail look for:

Sycamores and a wild cherry tree with shiny gray bark.
Triassic Sandstone, like that used to build Manhattan’s brownstones.
A linden tree wrapped in Poison Ivy rope.
Springtime Dogtooth Violets, False Solomon’s Seal, Spring Beauties, Yellow Primroses, Pink Japanese Knotweed, and the biggest patch of Canadian Mayflowers in Ridgewood.

Graydon Park
Located on the corner of North Maple Avenue and Linwood Avenue. Graydon Park offers a hockey court, skateboard park, basketball courts, swimming, ice-skating, picnic area, shuffleboard, children’s playground, shelter, and restrooms. Click on the following link to find all that Graydon Pool has to offer – Graydon Pool website.

Grove Park
Located on the south side of Grove Street, just west of the Saddle River. This is one of Ridgewood’s wildscape areas, which include nature trails for walking.

In the 32 acres of beech forest and field that make up Grove Park, you will find:

Spring flowers that bloom between April and May before they disappear when the shade thickens.
The tulip poplars are the tallest and straightest trees in the wooded area.
You can look for the honeycombs located on top of the bee tree.
Turkey Tails and fungi can be found on fallen logs.

Kings Pond Park
Located off Lakeview Drive by the Midland Park border. Kings Pond Park offers a natural wildlife area, ice-skating, when permitted, and nature trails for walking. Kings Pond and Gypsy Pond offer a great variety of birds and mammal life.

In the parks you can also find:

Large glacial rocks at Park entrance are Canadian Shield Boulders.
Along the railroad track, wild azalea (pinxter) bloom.
Bracket fern and fiddleheads abound in the woods.
Ducks, Canada Geese and over 40 species of birds live here.
Wild garlic and mustard are abundant.
The general depth of the ponds is about 3 feet.

Leuning Park
Located on the corner of Northern Parkway and Meadowbrook Avenue. Leuning Parks offers an open play area.

Irene Habernickel Family Park
Located at 1037 Hillcrest Road in the northern most corner of the Village, this ten-acre park property has an abundance of mature trees. These trees help to define various areas of the property.

This special park property offers an opportunity for both passive and active recreation through the balance of wide open space, ball fields, natural areas, and a one-acre pond.
In the development stage; plans are to revive the dam and bridge area, install a children’s playground, multi-purpose fields, several walking trails and an arboretum complete with gardens.

This new park is soon to include nature programs as well as other passive opportunities as wildlife prevail such as mammals, reptiles and assorted birds.

Maple Park
Located on the corner of Meadowbrook Avenue and Northern Parkway. Maple Park offers one of Ridgewood wildscape areas as well as a community garden (Link to community garden page), part of the fitness trail (link to the parcourse fitness circuit page), benches, flowers, and nature trails. A regulation turf field hosts soccer, lacross and softball year round.
On the west and east banks of the Ho-Ho-Kus brook between Graydon Pool and Meadowbrook Avenue.

In Maple Park, look for:

A 70-year-old wisteria tree.
One of the largest stands of red cedar in this part of New Jersey.
A Porcupine (Sweet Gum) Tree.
A half dozen of different varieties of fern.
Fig-leaf magnolias with thin graceful leaves.
An herb garden.
On the east side of the brook, delicate grasses, berry bushes, and wild flowers that attract butterflies and birds of many descriptions.

North Road Park
Located on North Road, off of Glen Avenue east of Route 17. This is a natural wildlife area.

Pleasant Park
Located at the end of Stevens Avenue, behind Hawes School. Pleasant Park also offers one of the Village’s wildscape areas.

Pleasant Park offers a natural wildlife area, which includes:

Fallen “nurse” logs, nourishing many insects, lichens, ferns and fungi.
Green beggar ticks, jewelweed, ragweed, and purple loosestrife, all in the late summer.
Quaking aspen trees, with flat leaf stems (petioles) that quiver in the breeze.
New York ferns and lady ferns.
Grape vines.
Sassafras or “mitten” trees, whose name comes from the shape of the leaf.
A tree trunk shaped like a giraffe.
A wide variety of birds reside in this wooded community, which makes for excellent bird watching.

Schedler Property
This recent open space purchase is located between Route 17 and West Saddle River Road with development plans yet to be determined.

Twinney Pond Park
Located at the north end of Red Birch Court. Twinney pond offers a wildlife area, nature trails and ice-skating.

At Twinney Pond Park, this three foot deep kettle pond created by glaciers, you can see the following:

Sunfish as they sweep clean spots on the pond floor to make nests.
Shaggy Birches, Pin Oaks, and Locust Trees.
Veronica, they look like tiny orchids on the ground.
Button Bushes that will produce white pompoms this summer.
Dragonflies, with clear wings outspread, and Damsel Flies, with wings swept back and colored.
The life cycle of a tadpole.
Ice skating when the weather and ice permits.

Memorial Park at Van Neste Square
Located at East Ridgewood Avenue between Walnut Street and Oak Street. Van Neste offers a relaxing location in the center of town. Located in the park are the War Memorial Monument, benches, and gardens.

Veteran’s Field
Located at the corner of Linwood Avenue and Northern and Parkway. Veteran’s field is home to softball fields, hardball fields, multipurpose fields, running track, fitness circuit, amphitheater, open play area, and restrooms.

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Fifty-Eight Years Free Summer Entertainment Under the Stars 8:30pm at the Band Shell Veterans Field in Ridgewood


 K A S S C H A U  ME M O R I A L S H E L L  2016

July 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Fifty-Eight Years Free Summer Entertainment Under the Stars 8:30pm at the Band Shell Veterans Field, Ridgewood, N.J.

Behind the Ridgewood Public Library N. Maple Ave. Between Franklin and Linwood Aves. Please bring a chair or blanket. Please do not cross over the baseball field if a game is in progress.

Thursday, July 7 “The Kootz” – Classic 60’s through 90’s Rock, Pop and Blues Sponsors: Wostbrock Home & Design Fish Urban Dining
Tuesday, July 12 THUNDERHILL – Country & Western Sponsors: Boiling Springs Savings Bank Village of Ridgewood
Thursday, July 14 The McVey Family Sponsors: West Ridgewood Dental Professionals Tarvin Realtors
Tuesday, July 19 Bucky Pizzarelli Quartet Sponsors: Daily Treat Restaurant Valley National Bank Thursday, July 21 North Jersey Concert Band Sponsor: Care One at the Cupola and Care One at Ridgewood Avenue Tuesday, July 26 Andy Cooney & His Band – Irish Night Sponsors: Boiling Springs Savings Bank Feeney Funeral Home
Thursday, July 28 TREBLE – Popular Rock Sponsors: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill The Valley Hospital.

Tuesday, August 2 Bishop of Jazz and His Abbotts (Rio Clemente) Sponsors: Columbia Bank The Village of Ridgewood
Thursday, August 4 Mack Brandon & The Connection – Popular Gospel Sponsors: One Shop Wireless, Inc. BRANDfog

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Fireworks Tickets
Monday, July 4, 2016Alternate Date – Tuesday, July 5thVeteran’s Field, Ridgewood, New Jersey Entrance gates open at 6:00 PM and close at 9:00 PM

While the Parade is free, Fireworks Tickets are required for entrance to Vet’s Field. Donations for Fireworks Tickets is one of the Celebration’s largest sources of income. Tickets are available for advance purchase at stores for $10. Tickets will be on sale at the gates for $15 for adults and $10 for children ages 6-12. Buy your tickets in advance for big savings! Children 5 and under are admitted for free. Tickets may be purchased online at for $11.00 each including shipping and handling.

Tickets will be on sale at the following vendors for $10 each. Children 5 and under are admitted free.

Patrons and belongings will be subject to security checks by Police Department personnel when entering Veterans Field. Alcohol is not permitted. There will be 2 lines at the gates, one for those with bags and one for those without bags. Expect delays. All gates will close at 9:00 PM.

Gates open at 6:00 PM and close at 9:00 PM. No Dogs allowed – Village Ordinance 1689

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Registration – Ridgewood Summer Day Camp – Sign Up Now


Ridgewood Summer Day Camp 2015

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Summer Day Camp is best described as days filled with fresh air, sunshine, new friends, fun, games, and special memories. Favorite annual events include a talent show, Graydon Pool splash party, carnival and special theme days. New events will include a visit from EquiShare/PonyShare, complete with pony stations to learn about grooming and feeding, with introduction to instructional riding. U.S. Sports Institute will offer a fun olympic event, Total Golf Adventures will provide golfing instruction, UnderGround Skateshop will provide exciting skateboard demonstrations, and we will offer a Day Camp Movie Night on the Beach at Graydon (free to all campers and their families).

The 2015 summer season will begin on Tuesday, June 30th, and run for six weeks through Friday, August 7th. Village children entering grades 1 through 6 will enjoy arts and crafts, organized games, swimming, special events and optional trips. Camp will be held at The Stable, Graydon Pool, Maple Park, Veteran’s Field, the Community Center at Village Hall and Leuning Park, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Children are to bring/purchase* a lunch and beverage. Bus transportation from Village locations is available to all. Locate the Parent Manual on our Recreation homepage at This important source of information should be reviewed with your child to avoid confusion and concerns children may have.

*New this year, a variety of healthy sack lunches will be available for purchase from the Water’s Edge Café at Graydon Pool with daily delivery to camp. MUST PRE-ORDER. Visit the Recreation homepage referenced above to view details on how to order, as well as the variety of lunches offered.

The registration fee for camp is $525.00, which includes two camp T-shirts and optional bus transportation. Off-site trips are optional with limited space; prices vary and registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. All campers must possess a 2015 Graydon Pool membership badge. Visit to purchase online via Community Pass.

Don’t wait as camp is filling quickly. Registration will be accepted from April 1 through June 15, 2015 as space allows. You may register online at (payment by Visa/Mastercard). For registration assistance and/or special needs, please visit the Recreation Office at The Stable, 259 North Maple Avenue, or call the office at 201-670-5560.

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Relocation of tree symbolizes Ridgewood group’s growth


Relocation of tree symbolizes Ridgewood group’s growth

MAY 27, 2014 LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014, 10:57 AM

On Wednesday, May 14, a new tree was planted at Veterans Field, but the tree might actually already be familiar to members of the Ridgewood community.

A tree which was removed from the Travell School grounds was planted at Veterans Field last week.

The newly reestablished Shade Tree Commission sponsored the dedication of the tree.

A red maple that now has its home along the Linwood Avenue side of Veterans Field was originally planted for a number of years at Travell School. The tree was removed from the school about six or seven years ago, according to Tim Cronin, director of Parks and Recreation.

Cronin made the decision to keep the tree, which was removed to create space for a drop-off area for school buses near Travell. The tree has been growing in a small nursery behind the Recycling Center.

The orginal tree located in the space where the Travell tree is now planted had died. The Shade Tree Commission decided that the tree they had recently viewed on a walk behind the recycling center would be the perfect replacement, according to George Wolfson, chairman of the Shade Tree Commission.

“It’s a decent sized tree, not a little stick, a good 6- or 8-inch trunk. We think it’s a great addition to the park,” Wolfson said.

Cronin recalled the decision to keep the tree as a relatively easy one.

“They called me and said, ‘Do you want this tree?’ and I went over and looked at it … It was a nice size, nice shape, had a good crown and good structure, so I said, ‘Yeah I’ll take it,'” Cronin said.

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