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Village Engineering Department Conducts Outreach to Property Owners in Flood Hazard Areas

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May 16,2015

Ridgewood NJ, As part of the CRS program for the Village, the Engineering Department sends out an annual letter to properties that are located in the Flood Hazard Area of the Village. for a copy of the Village of Ridgewood Annual letter to residents with property in the flood plain Click Her

The Engineering Department also sends a informational letter to local banks, realtors, and insurance companies that service the Village,copy attached. Click Here

The new flood maps may capture additional properties. The Ridgewood Engineering Department will help those property owners as best as we can, although they may have to retain a professional land surveyor and/or professional engineer for their properties.

Existing LOMA’s (Letters of Map Amendment, which indicate a structure on a property in the Flood Hazard Area is not within the limits of the Flood Hazard Area) may not carry over to the new maps (this happened the last time). Those property owners will have a lot of work to do to re-establish their LOMA’s.

The Village outreach letter to property owners generally goes out each year in the Fall.