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The Ridgewood News All-Suburban Girls Golf Teams


The Ridgewood News All-Suburban Girls Golf Teams
Friday August 2, 2013, 8:39 AM
The Ridgewood News

Villagers continue to headline the elite unit in 2013, with three Ridgewood High School golfers and Ridgewood resident Victoria Paulsen of Immaculate Heart making the grade. Ramsey placed two golfers and Paramus one among the two seniors, four juniors and one sophomore on the first team….

TARYN CARROLL, Ridgewood –

JESSICA CHANG, Ridgewood –


VICTORIA PAULSEN, Immaculate Heart –

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Writer questions appropriateness of mayor’s monthly column


Writer questions appropriateness of mayor’s monthly column
Friday August 2, 2013, 8:36 AM
The Ridgewood News

Writer questions appropriateness of mayor’s monthly column

Boyd A. Loving

Boyd A. Loving


Boyd A. Loving

To the editor:

In light of concerns voiced by some residents regarding Ridgewood Mayor Paul Aronsohn’s recent interactions with your editorial staff (“Our letters policy,” The Ridgewood News, July 26, page A6), I am prompted to ask whether you should continue publication of Mr. Aronsohn’s monthly “Mayor’s Corner” column.


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Follow Up Re: The Ridgewood News Letter to the Editor


file photo of PJ Blogger reading the Ridgewood News

Follow Up Re: The Ridgewood News Letter to the Editor

James J. Foytlin
The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Foytlin:

I am writing as a follow up to North Jersey Media Group’s (NJMG) June 28, 2013 letter posted on The Ridgewood Blog in response to several comments left by blog readers concerning a letter submitted by a resident for publication in the Letters to the Editor section of The Ridgewood News.  It is kindly requested that you post this letter on the blog as well.

It is my understanding that some were disappointed with NJMG’s June 28, 2013 letter because it was not as forthcoming with details as those interested in this matter would have liked.  However, as you likely know, New Jersey has a very strong shield law that is designed to safeguard the newsgathering process and allow our reporters to do their job to the fullest ability.  Information obtained by reporters in the course of their professional activities, including discussions with their sources, is privileged.  NJMG must be cautious with the information it discloses so as not to unintentionally waive this most important safeguard.

NJMG recognizes that some will likely decry this explanation as a way to simply dodge the underlying issues.  However, such complaints are shortsighted.  The shield law is designed to protect the free flow of information to the press.  If the information obtained and the sources consulted in connection with news articles and editorials, such as letters to the editor, are subject to disclosure at the demand of the public, then the willingness to provide information to reporters will quickly evaporate and have a detrimental effect on the amount and quality of information available to the public at large.

However, in light of the fact that Mayor Aronsohn has already identified himself as having contacted The Ridgewood News and without waiving the right to any otherwise privileged information, NJMG would like to state the following:

·         The Ridgewood News was never asked by the Mayor or anyone else in person or by any other means to withdraw, hold, pull or not to publish the resident’s letter;

·         As he himself stated, Mayor Aronsohn contacted The Ridgewood News after a June council meeting to confirm what had already been discussed openly during that public meeting covered by our reporter; to wit, that there was a discrepancy between the letter writer’s statement regarding the village attorney’s advice and what the village attorney’s actual advice was with respect to handling matters in open or closed session.

The Ridgewood News was obligated to hold the resident’s letter until the facts could be confirmed.  While The Ridgewood News does not fact check every letter to the editor, the newspaper would have been remiss by publishing information that it actually knew was not entirely accurate.  Indeed, our courts have held news media liable for publishing letters to the editor that contain inaccurate statements.

As a further point of clarification, the resident was never advised that the letter would be printed in The Ridgewood News in the days immediately following the submission. Rather, newspaper staff contacted the resident for the purpose of confirming the authorship of the submission.  The decision to print any news or opinion letters in The Ridgewood News rests in the sole discretion of NJMG and is further subject to space limitations in the newspaper.

In accordance with the privilege afforded The Ridgewood News under the shield law to safeguard its newsgathering activities and editorial process, NJMG is unable to make its editorial staff available for further inquiry, including personal meetings, to discuss this matter.

Finally, to the extent that any individual or entity has impliedly suggested or explicitly stated that The Ridgewood News succumbed to any pressure from the Mayor or any other public or private figure with respect to publication of the resident’s letter, NJMG unequivocally denies the accusation and the actual facts support that position.

We appreciate the community’s interest in our reporting and for bringing these concerns to The Ridgewood News’ attention.




Robert D. Thompson, Esq.
Corporate Attorney
North Jersey Media Group Inc.
1 Garret Mountain Plaza
P.O. Box 471
Woodland Park, NJ 07424
T: (973) 569-7685
F: (973) 569-7268


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Readers Not Buying North Jersey Media Group denial that letter to editor pulled


file photo Boyd Loving

Readers Not Buying North Jersey Media Group denial that letter to editor pulled

Letters to the editor are signed and by their nature (like editorials and op-ed pieces) represent opinion. Any reader who identifies a factual error or wants to argue a point can write a follow-up letter; this happens routinely in every publication. Dialog and debate are good.

It is not the editor’s role to make sure that all statements in a letter to the editor are accurate as it is in an article or editorial. In most newspapers the top editor would never see letters to the editor before publication at all.

More fact checking in Ridgewood News articles, which are frequently full of errors that could easily have been checked, would be most welcome. But letters to the editor? No.

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Even the Bergen Record noticed its been 14 years


Even the Bergen Record noticed its been 14 years

Ridgewood NJ , In the Record’s recent editorial Failure to disconnect even the far left leaning Bergen Record had to admit ,”were the Village Council and the municipal administration? No one knew for at least 14 years that a council or Planning Board member had improper contracts with the town?

And as a readers so eloquently said ,”So let me get this straight, Mayor Aronsohn who voted for letting Riche do the work is now saying it was illegal. Then why did he vote YES! He was the one who gave approval NOT Riche. It’s like a cop tells me I can buy some pot and then arrests me for smoking it!

The Record: Failure to disconnect
Friday, June 7, 2013
The Record

A COUNCIL member should not do business with the municipal government he represents. That principle is not hard to grasp.

But for some inexplicable reason, it was not followed in Ridgewood, where Councilman Thomas Riche has had a long-standing business relationship with the village through his telecommunications firm, Extel Communications.

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Appeals court affirms decision to reduce Ridgewood firefighter’s award to $500,000 from $3.5M

file photo by Boyd Loving

Appeals court affirms decision to reduce Ridgewood firefighter’s award to $500,000 from $3.5M
Wednesday May 1, 2013, 12:29 PM
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — A panel of appellate court judges agreed the village only has to pay one of its firefighters half-a-million dollars — far less than the $3.5 million a jury awarded him in 2012 for emotional distress.

The decision, issued Tuesday, upholds a Superior Court judge’s May 2, 2012 ruling, reducing Kevin Reilly’s damages to $500,000.

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Jim Morgan Letter to the Ridgewood News: School district faces financial challenges


file photo Boyd Loving

School district faces financial challenges
Friday, April 12, 2013
The Ridgewood News

School district faces financial challenges
Jim Morgan

To the editor:

Ridgewood’s annual school election is next Tuesday, April 16. Ridgewood is unique in that we are one of approximately 40 school districts that still submit its budget to the voters for approval. Dr. Fishbein and the members of the Board have attended 13 public forums around the village to explain and answer questions about the budget.

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Reader says politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions


Orange safety hat , for business attire

Reader says politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions.

I hope this person will be alright. It looks like the guy was walking home from the train. Last I checked day glow yellow suits are not really appropriate for business, so let’s cut him some slack about attire.

We are on track for a horrific accident at the intersection of Broad and Franklin now that the train station renovation forces commuters to cross at the underpass. There are no crossing signals. Cars coming through the underpass and making a right turn are not expecting people to be stepping off the curb right by the corner. More people are going to get hit. Maybe the politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions.

I am confident that nobody on the board at NJT eats their own cooking. The conditions at Penn are atrocious. Transferring at SEC is ridiculous in the mornings. And the station rebuild at RGWD is terrible. It is as if no part of that project was designed to improve the quality of commuting for non-ADA impacted people (99.999% of the people who use that station).

And yes, crossing at the corner of Franklin and Broad is about 10 times as dangerous as crossing Broad mid-block. There needs to be a full stop on green for right turns from Franklin to Broad, or at least better lighting on that corner. Good luck getting NJT to address it; they won’t even clear the snow from that corner, and evidently neither will Ridgewood.

Eventually you will see a traffic light on Franklin and Chestnut, too.

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Postal Service set to cut Saturday delivery



February 6, 2013 7:41 AM
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ– The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will stop delivering mail on Saturdays but continue to deliver packages six days a week under a plan aimed at saving about $2 billion, the financially struggling agency says. Saturday mail cutback would not begin until August.

The move allows the USPS to focus on package delivery which has increased by 14% since 2010, At the same time technology which aids in package delivery has caught up with the delivery of letters and other mail declining significantly with the ever increasing use of email and other Internet based technologies. .

Under the new plan, mail would still be delivered to post office boxes on Saturdays. and Post offices now open on Saturdays would remain open on Saturdays.

The Postal Service for some time has advocated shifting to a five-day delivery schedule for mail and packages . The US Postal Service is an independent agency that gets no tax dollars for its day-to-day operations but is subject to congressional control.

The agency would need congressional approval to make the change and It was not immediately if that would be forth coming or even necessary.

Patrick R. Donahoe, postmaster general , says Postal Service market research and other research has indicated that nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the switch to five-day delivery as a way for the Postal Service to reduce costs.