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The Village of Ridgewood Needs a “VIP” List


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, after the recent flap at the Winterfest  over cutting in line by “VIP’s “, the Ridgewood blog suggests the Village of Ridgewood set up a database and establish a list of Ridgewood  “VIP’s ” .

Since the Village seems to be the home for so many “VIP’s” , the list could contain the names and the reasons for the VIP status .  After all most of the public is often  unaware as to the importance of many of the so called “VIP’s ” and a documented with explanation with foot notes would be extremely helpful .

The list could be called the ” Village of Ridgewood :Legend in your own mind ” , a commission could be convened to create the list and those that make the cut could be given a letter of recommendation signed by the Village Council and a medal or crown  to wear so as not to confuse the common folk.

This would entitle the “VIP’s” to cut in line ,drive 50 mph over the speed limit ,get in  car accidents and not have their picture taken ,  make money off of taxpayer grants, get below market rents for high density housing , hang out with the 3 Amigos ,philander, be a bigot,  and get to call other residents derogatory names from the dais .

The public would also be asked to defend the VIP’s no matter how rude , stupid or abusive their behavior maybe. The public would also be called on to make excessive excuses for the VIP’s who the rules no longer apply to.

If the public does not comply the VIP’s can act belligerent and attack anyone the calls out their bad behavior .