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Garrett Challenger Josh Gottheimer Now Facing his Own “Gay dilemma”

Josh Gottheimer
July 26,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Congressmen Scott Garrett has faced a Democrat led faux protest regarding alleged comments he made a year ago about his refusal to pay dues supporting the House’s fundraising campaign because it supports gay candidates.

Faux protest photo ops have been launched usually led by NJ Assemblyman Tim Eustace who clearly has far to much time on his hands.All the while Garrett challenger carpetbagger Josh Gottheimer has been taking money for disgraced former congressmen Bob “the torch” Torricelli and Saudi Arabian wife beaters.

But now Gottheimer has his own “Gay dilemma” , it seems in an internal DNC memo published by WikiLeaks, one party staffer complained in bigoted derogatory stereotypical fashion to colleagues that one of the party’s gay donors was just too high maintenance for her to handle.

The leaked memo, which is titled “Close out memo” and dated April 22, 2016, was authored by DNC staffer Julia Lahl, who recaps much of the work done with the party’s LGBT Leadership Council. The memo contains information on dozens of donors , much of which is not positive.

Lahl goes on to complain that one donor, named as Darrin Glymph, is “extremely high maintenance.” Glymph was one of three hosts for a May 2015 fundraiser in Washington, D.C. that was “wildly successful” “in terms of identifying “black gay men” that are interested in getting involved. However the [three] hosts that filled the room incredibly for this event were extremely hard to wrangle for the actual gala,” Lahl wrote.

“Darrin would like to become more involved but he is hard to get in touch with and is extremely high maintenance,” Lahl went on to complain. “I found him to be too much work for what he is worth (maybe a 5k check).