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NJBIA: Improving NJ Business Climate Would Help Attract Amazon, and Others

Amazon Introduces New Tablet At News Conference In New York

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Trenton NJ, NJBIA President and CEO Michele N. Siekerka Esq. issued the following statement today relating to Governor Murphy’s efforts to attract Amazon to Newark.

“NJBIA shares and appreciates Governor Murphy’s enthusiasm for Newark as an ideal location for Amazon’s future expansion. Newark’s rebirth, where we have seen billions of dollars in high-tech investment, has been nothing short of inspiring. We hope Amazon will recognize the quality of Newark’s location, infrastructure and workforce and how it is serving as a model on how to own the innovation mantle and replicate it in urban areas across the state.

“To make New Jersey more attractive to Amazon and others, we need to work on reforms that will improve our unfortunate standing as the state with the highest business taxes and worst business climate in the nation. We also should not sully corporations with misrepresentations relating to EDA’s tax credit and economic incentive programs. We should recognize they are our job creators who fuel our economy.
“New Jersey needs a philosophical change in tenor and approach when it comes to business. NJBIA has been calling for no new or increased taxes, fiscal responsibility and reforms that will make New Jersey more regionally and nationally competitive. This is how we will truly become a high-value state and open for business.”

4 thoughts on “NJBIA: Improving NJ Business Climate Would Help Attract Amazon, and Others

  1. Nj is a sinking ship

  2. Amazon already has a big NJ business around Trenton

  3. Just say NO to Amazon.

  4. Maybe money and 25,000 $150,000 p.a. salary jobs will just grow on trees? You can’t give future tax breaks without any future tax revenues. Ridgewood is losing the largest employer in our town as Valley leaves in a disgusted hissy fit. Will the hospital be redeveloped in to high density assisted living apartments? A marijuana farm? A trampoline gym?

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