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NJDOT Advising Motorists to Plan Ahead for Upcoming Storm


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Ridgewood NJ,  New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials today issued a Winter Weather Congestion Alert and are implementing the Department’s Business Day Protocol for Tuesday, February 12, based on the forecast for expected snow and freezing rain this afternoon into tomorrow, which may result in difficult driving conditions.

The Department is advising motorists to plan ahead. Snow is expected this afternoon in South Jersey and along the Shore that could affect today’s evening commute in those areas. Overnight and through Tuesday, snow is expected statewide, turning to freezing rain in parts of the state, which may cause difficult driving conditions.

NJDOT will be deploying the necessary resources in advance of the storm and is coordinating its response with NJ Transit and the toll road authorities to ensure the best response for New Jerseyans.

Early Tuesday morning, NJDOT will deploy our Incline Package assets on I-280 and I-78 at Jugtown mountain (between Exits 7 and 11), which includes pre-positioning towing assets, NJDOT Safety Service Patrol (SSP) trucks, and coordination with New Jersey State Police.

In order for NJDOT and our regional and local transportation partners to safely and efficiently clear roadways of snow and ice, motorists need to Clear the Roads so We Can Clear the Roads.

The Department and our transportation and law enforcement partners are recommending motorists:

  • Plan extra travel time for tonight’s commute in South Jersey and along the Shore
  • Consider Telecommuting tomorrow, if possible
  • Avoid Unnecessary Travel during the storm
  • If you are driving and road conditions deteriorate, PULL OFF somewhere safe and wait it out
  • Always STAY CLEAR of plowing and spreading trucks. If they are behind you, let them pass
  • DO NOT pass between trucks that are in a plow formation
  • Be patient and use caution

NJDOT will be using Variable Message Signs throughout the storm to provide updates. Once conditions improve, NJDOT will lift the Winter Weather Congestion Alert. Motorists are encouraged to check NJDOT’s traffic information website for real-time travel information and for NJDOT news and updates follow us on the NJDOT Facebook page or on Twitter @NJDOT_info.

9 thoughts on “NJDOT Advising Motorists to Plan Ahead for Upcoming Storm

  1. 7:52AM and no snow….

    We live in a Nanny State.

  2. 9:50 heavy snow, windy and sticking.

  3. All I can say is this pretreating the roads is doing zippo. What a waste of time and money.

  4. Paramus doesn’t even bother to brine their roads.

    I like it because it lets me know that a storm is coming.

  5. We will get 3 inches of brine and .5 inches of snow. Thank you boss for destroying our cars. I can only imagine how our RW roads will be in the spring.

  6. They will be falling apart. O well’

  7. But Schedler will have a nice berm on taxpayer dime after we paid for all of the deadwood to be cleared. What are both the cumulative costs to date, and expected future costs to Village taxpayers for the Schedler passion project? James? Boyd?

  8. Delayed openings tomorrow in Wyckoff…

  9. Oh how I miss the days when Aronsohn would call us with a reverse 9-1-1 call to tell us it was snowing.

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