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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt Takes a Stand for Legal Gun Owners

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Trenton NJ, this week, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted on a set of new bills that would add new restrictions on purchasing and owning firearms in New Jersey. NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, standing up for legal gun owners, released the following statement:

“It’s time that New Jersey Republicans stop worrying about who they might offend and start standing up for what they believe in.  That includes protecting the rights of New Jersey’s legal gun owners.

Democrats are waging an all-out war on gun ownership and ignoring the scourge of gun violence.  While they demand broader restrictions on legal owners, they turn their blind eye toward common sense policing that would identify and punish violent offenders. Democrats have even gone so far as to try to give violent criminals political power by making them voters. 

These same Democrats continue to play to an activist minority by championing empty, anti-gun legislation that does nothing meaningful to end or even address gun violence in New Jersey.  It is an irresponsible act of the resume-padding, feel-good fashion to pander to an elite donor class, while criminals who want guns get them, and tone deaf Democrats let them.  

President John F. Kennedy challenged the political class of his day to reach beyond the easy and do what was hard.  That’s still good advice today.

We must stop vilifying legal gun owners, which is the easy way to make a gun statement, and get tough on gun violence, which is harder and takes guts.  To start, stop allowing plea bargains in all cases of violent crime. Punish real criminals instead of creating new ones. 

Tell the Attorney General and County Prosecutors that we want people who commit a crime using a gun to be treated with the same seriousness that legislators and law enforcement advocate treating people who legally own own one.   Let’s send a message to America that New Jersey believes that every freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights matters; we don’t pick and choose some to celebrate and some to undermine.  Ultimately, let’s treat gun violence for the crime it is and stop treating legal gun owners like the criminals they aren’t.”

One thought on “NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt Takes a Stand for Legal Gun Owners

  1. It is clear that democratic policies no longer exist. In their stead we have an oligarchy of business interests and socialists. A match made in hell indeed.

    The business interests want continued expansion of the consumer economy not by making better products or paying better salaries, but rather by taking away consumers’ ability to not buy their product. Think sickcare and college as top performers.

    Their partners, as ironic as it sounds, are social science majors and mobster types who are not competent enough to build anything. Rather they claim their place in the echelons of power by “representing” voters suffering… from effects of overconsumption (debt slaves)!

    From a business perspective, the more drugged, anti-social and depressed the population is, the better. Happy people don’t need to buy so much crap. Ditto for socialists – they don’t want happy, productive people either. Such people would think twice voting in the incompetents with awful track record. The socialists pray on desperate people. Those convinced in racial or sexual injustice as a cause of their troubles.

    Neither business nor socialist interests want people to have guns. For the business, having drugged, depressed people committing mass shootings interferes with their business model… of keeping people consuming their Chinese-made crap. And socialists can only hope to control their subjects with overwhelming force. An armed population is thus a problem.

    So wake up, liberals. You’re being played. Vote in the republicans (as painful as it may sound), until we get better quality of candidates resetting the Democratic Party.

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