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No 2 BCIA is moving forward still collecting signatures in Ridgewood

petition signing event at Elks Club
file photo Elks club by Boyd Loving 
February 24,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgwood NJ, The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus is the next stop on the signature drive . The Petition seeks to protest and repeal Ordinance 3519,authorizing the execution and granting of a lease purchase agreement until it can be voted on by registered residents of Ridgewood with the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA),as a binding referendum question.

The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus will be open on Thursday from 7:00-10:00pm for those interested in signing the petition. K of C hall is on the corner of Hudson/S. Broad St. To enter the hall, you need to use outdoor staircase facing Hudson Street right across for the proposed parking garage .

According to No 2 BCIA petition signatures are still being collected  They ask you to please reach out to come and sign or visit the website for more locations and information. 201-675-8937.

The No 2BCIA website shows these other contacts :

Lorraine Reynolds house, 550 Wyndemere Ave/come to door off John St.,please call first 201-264-8151
Multiple circulators are ready to come to your place. Please call/text 201-264-8151
Anne Loving, call cell 201-723-8017 to make appt to sign.
Saurabh Dani, call/text cell 973-903-5361 and I will stop by to collect your signature.
Melanie McWilliams – 431 Bogert Ave: call/text to confirm 201-675-8937

35 thoughts on “No 2 BCIA is moving forward still collecting signatures in Ridgewood

  1. How many signatures have been collected so far?

  2. not enough

  3. I think “not enough” also which may be why there is still a big push to get more to the point of going to people’s homes to get it signed. Anyone have a number?

  4. They offered to go to people’s homes from the beginning. Some people who want to sign can’t or won’t go someplace or maybe don’t want to be seen?

  5. This commenter and Ridgewood-registered voter and resident is going to sign one of the circulating petitions today, by hook or by crook. Other residents should know that every verifiable signature on a properly prepared and witnessed petition is like a brick in an under-construction house that the big bad wolf can’t blow down no matter how hard he huffs and puffs. Don’t be shy! This petition is eminently worthwhile and reasonable and needs to be supported by rational and well-meaning taxpayers and voters in Ridgewood. Now is the time so make it happen.

  6. 10:16am By gosh, by golly – you do understand that a petition is not binding on the council. They can just note it and ignore it.

  7. IMPORTANT, 10:37 and possibly others: This petition is not intended to sway the council, which is implacable in its majority-driven glory. The goal is to have the BCIA funding for the garage bond placed on the OFFICIAL ballot on May 10 (when, Zeus willing, we will also replace all the Amigos) as a “real” referendum.

  8. 10:37 – By “ignore it” do you mean like when the Mayor sent out an e-mail to everyone saying that the petitioners are spreading lies and misinformation? Or when he was seen watching people sign the petition from across the street or from the Village Green Restaurant? That kind of ignore?

  9. 10:37-
    You obviously do not understand. Why do you think Aronsohn is so scared? This petition is legally binding. It will force a binding referendum question to the May ballot. It stops Paul dead in his tracks, which is why he is now trying so desperately todo an end run around his own end run,.

  10. Looks like the mayors promises to his politico friends is hitting a brick wall. Sort of an embarrassment to him. Maybe this will be the end to his political career.

  11. Didn’t we already have a vote on this? And yet people are still fighting it. I don’t understand.

  12. 10:37. You have not any clue what you’re speaking about.

  13. 12:30, alas, you are ‘way behind the news.

  14. 10:37 and 12:30. There was a non binding, non specific referendum that was voted on. This is specific to BCIA funding which unlike the past referendum would be binding. While the referendum in the fall mentioned that it was possible the county would be involved in financing, ordinance 3519 goes much further and actually would give all Bergen County residents equal pricing and access to parking. So basically it will be a Bergen County commuter lot and we will either all pay more or we lose revenue, and it would be first come first serve to all. Currently we pay $750/year and out of Ridgewood commuters pay double.

    From my understanding they have more than required by law, but want as many as possible.

  15. I don’t think it is being overly dramatic to say that the petition is the only thing that can stand in the way of the council majority selling out the soul of the Village of Ridgewood. More parking–sure. A garage of some description–probably. The proposed monstrosity paired with BCIA funding–hell no.

  16. CottagePlace commuter lot this morning weds 24 th was a bone yard and empty outside of overflow board of Ed employees cars when I parked this morning at 8.45 for train to the city. Having prepaid 750 after tax dollars again this year for a homeowners permit. I can tell you all that we need more commuter spots like a hole in the head..Esp.out of town commuters paying At Par with village Taxpayers..No reciprocity here in Glenrock,or other towns that have their acts together..JUST CONGESTION and More riots at the crosswalks as they speed off to get to own towns stores who were not soft in the heads to offer ridgewood such a deal..Whole foods likely only beneficiary to this foolishness.

  17. 2:11pm-
    I believe the town can still restrict the total number of commuter spots, and thus leave some spots for regular hourly parking all the time. But the commuter spots would definitely be “first come, first serve” for anyone. Definitely better if funded through the town.

  18. Yes, John you are correct. Roberta said one or two levels, some predetermined number would be for commuters. I should have said, for those who commute it will be a Bergen County lot with no bias toward Ridgewood residents.

  19. “Roberta said” Are you kidding me. You trust her and what she is saying. Show me that in writing.

  20. John V. Where is the study / report to back up the claim in your 3:54pm post? All of your posts are backed by some firm proof. Where is the proof in this except “Roberta said so”?

  21. 5:17 John V was speaking on a ” Completely general level” as in his other post. Get it.

  22. Lol fair enough at 5:02. I do not believe her but do believe there will be some predetermined number of spots for commuters at the outset. Most likely ground floor will be open and everything above will be commuter. It might be a moving target and when they realize nobody wants to park upstairs leave that to commuters.

  23. 5:17pm-
    No study / report to back that up, good point! I am indeed just going off what Roberta has said, mostly on Facebook I think? If they do stupidly go forward with this BCIA thing, they definitely need to get all these “control” issues signed in a lease or something.

  24. I since the garage is supposed to pay for itself, how many spots were expected to be purchased by commuters? How many remaining will be for shoppers?

    And the restaurants love this because in the evening all spots are for diners. They have found someone to pay for their business problem.

  25. You are not gonna beat Paul at his own game.

  26. Yes 5:37 I agree. Makes sense. I just have a problem with the council majority and V M. For me to believe them I would need it in writing and notarized. They have brought this distrust on themselves

  27. Well 6:05 this petition has him on the run and his buddies down the county don’t want and STINK on them. In the past I would have agreed with you but we are starting to see chinks in his armor.

  28. 556 brings us back to centet truth . Town leaders want to spend 19 million with overruns for out of town commuters ie thanks njt for nothing and the restaurants ride on the backs of the towns risk and new debt with not a penny in the new town citizens risk pool no thanks folks this is wrong ill concieved and too much exposure to vor taxpayer TAX INCREASES when this goes bust.incredibly irresponsible management.

  29. I am with you 6:17!!

    5:56, the garage will NOT pay for itself. Nobody has said it would. It is being paid for by increases in meter rates and hours. Read the Walker report. But agree, this is about restaurants and high density housing. Small shops and retailers can say goodbye. And that poor man from Mango Jam. Bless his heart he was fooled.

  30. If the petition gets more signatures than the original vote (1600+) it speaks volumes. If not, seems like the voters are okay with the garage.

  31. Well petition doesn’t need that many and is time sensitive. Doubt they would delay handing it in and miss the deadline to prove a point that is irrelevant to BCIA bonding

  32. True but it is a gauge of what the vote would be when re-introduced. BCIA was chosen as the council vote did not reflect the ballot box to begin with.

  33. Possibly…we may soon find out because the majority does not realize what they are dealing with.

  34. Paul smith – no that’s a gauge if there was another parallel petition going on during the same time frame, collecting ‘yes to bcia’ signatures, and they collected 3000 signatures. If the petitioners only need 750, why would they waste their time in collecting 1700 or more?

  35. Last night a few of us went to the Freeholders meeting in Hackensack because the introduction of their ordinance to OK the BCIA funding our garage was on the agenda. We were welcomed and greeted warmly. Several came over to us before the meeting, introduced themselves, offered great support and adulation for our grass roots effort with the petition, explained the process, etc. When one of us was speaking the timer went off, and instead of shutting the speaker down, they asked him politely to wrap it up and let him finish. It was unbelievable. Then I realized it was not unbelievable, it was simply not something that we are accustomed to after being beaten and bashed by the Council majority. While our mayor calls the petitioners outright liars who are fueled by misinformation, these elected officials applauded our interest and passion. Mayor Aronsohn could take a huge lesson in civility by watching these truly fine individuals in action. Well it won’t be long until the three of them are gone and we will have peace, civility and decency once again.

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