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No New Development Until We Fix the Infrastructure

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, while the assembly candidate is not from any local districts but his sentiment rings clear in Bergen County .

District 18 candidate for Assembly, Jeffrey Brown called for a moratorium on new residential development projects in the towns that make up the 18th district, until municipalities can better find to ways to manage flooding and mitigate flood damage.  There was widespread flash flooding in East Brunswick, Brown’s hometown, and the surrounding communities following strong thunderstorms on Wednesday.

“Today I am calling for a moratorium on new residential development projects in the municipalities that make up the 18th district until our municipalities, Middlesex County and the state can find ways to better handle flooding. I have heard numerous stories of motorists being stranded and people’s cars being destroyed in matter of minutes.  This only adds insult to injury. Our roads are full of potholes and it has become evident that maintaining infrastructure is not the top priority of our elected leaders, “ stated Brown. “It only makes sense to pause construction of new high-density housing projects, until existing infrastructure can be improved, and the danger of flooding can be mitigated.”

10 thoughts on “No New Development Until We Fix the Infrastructure

  1. I love it…hold their feet to the fire…

  2. I thought the gas tax increase was going towards paying for infrastructure investment?

  3. Ridgewood looks like hell

    Drive up franklin from outdoor backyard living store in kings mall up to train station

    Most streets and intersections look like a war zone

    The massive insult to human beings is the Town GARAGE

    SADLY A Broken Town

    We could do better folks

    Less happy flag bating and more management. Town garage should be seized and owners billed for demo
    And oil waste remediation

  4. The gas tax increase was to pay for infrastructure……..that we already spent.
    They ran out of money for debt service.
    America, spend today and let future generations worry about it.

  5. The gas tax increase included two BILLIOn dollars earmarked for granny wienburgs pet project of a Hudson light rail extension to her district. Enjoy the potholes? Thanks to the democrats who run this state (into the shitter)

  6. Yes! Town garage should be seized and owners billed for demo
    And oil waste remediation. Such a blight on the town!

  7. Hopefully the owners are still the batch of lawyers who rushed to buy the Town Garage before Ridgewood could make an offer. They planned to make a tidy profit when Ridgewood was ready to buy. I say “hopefully” because I wouldn’t put it past our “esteemed” council to have secretly bought it in its unremediated condition–giving the lawyers a quick profit and volunteering for our town to do all the remediation. They have already done a batch of unwanted secret things so what would prevent them from buying it secretly too?

  8. Could our council please get the cajones to support initiatives like this?? Please?? Pretty please??

  9. So far I know about Habernickle, Schedler the Elks building boondoggle in the CBD for Ridgewood Water to free up their space in Village Hall for the Police dept . This Council also was rumored to be buying the old Town Garage (which needs serious soil remediation with its underground plume next to Ben & Jerrys). Can anyone confirm they bought it and they’ll be paying for the soil remediation? What other “unwanted secret things” have they done besides negotiating huge salary & benefits increases in new police & fire CBAs without telling anyone? Fly? James?

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