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Nope let’s Keep Throwing Stones

Oh for God’s sake. Yes, the two made horrible decisions for Ridgewood. They virtually ruined Ridgewood, but read John Updike. Adultery in the suburbs is as common as fast food joints. Yes, it’s wrong, but sometimes the adulterers, find a new love and divorce their original spouses and remarry or live together forever.

I think having sex before marriage is wrong too; it used to be thought that way. Let’s not keep throwing stones at these two people for reasons of adultery.

8 thoughts on “Nope let’s Keep Throwing Stones

  1. They are being condemned not for having sex but for having an affair behind the backs of citizens, when they were elected officials, voting in lock step, pillow-talking their way through village issues like Valley. Remember when Aronsohn suddenly changed his vote on Valley? Do you get it now?

  2. And they were 2 of the 3 who voted yes for that nightmare at habernickle. I mean seriously a business in a public park and welcomed and voted for by these two!!!

  3. Maybe affairs are common in whatever world that guy lives in BUT an affair with the town mayor and a council person??? This really needs to be looked into further!

  4. You could say they’re wearing Scarlet letters…

  5. The business allowed at Habernickle Park is a disaster for the neighborhood. It got voted on just because they liked & wanted to help the owner Stacey Antine It is a bad deal for residents & a huge win for non resident who takes profits away from taxpayers. Stacey got a sweet lease deal she is paying under market rent for the house The Village should start to worry about whats happening to our own CBD before they keep throwing business to Healthbarn.

  6. How did Pucciarelli vote on all those issues. He voted with them if I remember correctly. Was he having sex with them too? Was it a threesome.

    I do not believe that their decisions for the town were influenced by their close relationship. It was most likely the other way around. They fell in love because they had similar ideas.

    If you have any real legal work to do , do it . Otherwise stop acting like stupid teenagers.

    In John’s Updike’s story , The Other Woman, in the collection Trust Me, their is a very similar situation in a rich suburb and planning board member commits adultery with upstanding community minded wife and etc. My goodness guys, READ MORE . Get your get out of your asses and waddle over to the library and READ GREAT AMERICAN LITERATURE. Right now I am reading Another Country by James Baldwin, one of the 100 Great Reads on PBS Great American Reads. Lots of sex of all persuasions. LOIN somthin NEW JERSEY.

  7. Not for long if they close the library for another unnecessary tax payer expense of a re_do. Get your great American lit now! Haha just sayin

  8. Wait! Paul Paul Aronson was having illicit sex with Gwen Hauck? Say it ain’t so! I wouldn’t touch that pig with someone else’s penis! Shame on you Paulie! Little wonder they voted in lock step!

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