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North Jersey Media Continues its Crusade Against Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen

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June 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, once again North Jersey media mischaracterizes events and continues their one sided crusade against Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen .” In Election imbroglio cost Ridgewood taxpayers $1,400″

North Jersey media attempts to put the bill on Mayor Knudsen implying “A dispute over civil service law, which became a driving issue during this year’s council race, has cost village taxpayers $1,377 in legal fees.”, omitting the suit was brought by the usual list of suspects and encouraged by the erroneous reporting by North Jersey Media . In many people eyes the residents who pushed the bogus legal action should be held accountable for the bill of $1377.

North Jersey Media even turned to Councilman Jeffrey Voigt a dubious source at best , who “said he felt the statements affected the election, but added that he is more concerned that Knudsen used “town money to defend herself.” . Voigt is the same councilmen that sues residents who OPRA his council correspondences.

North Jersey Media once gain ignored the fact that New Jersey is a civil service state and Ridgewood is a civil service town . The civil service rules and regulations control the hiring practices of the Village of Ridgewood.

North Jersey Media has also refused to retract earlier reports that misstated hiring practices of the Village. and now they go as far as to misstate Village Attorney Matt Rogers report on a memo written by Labor Attorney Dominick Bratti that clearly put the issue to bed.

6 thoughts on “North Jersey Media Continues its Crusade Against Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen

  1. First of all, we should send the bill to Jeff “I still don’t understand” Voigt who continued to insist on getting additional legal input. Second, Matt Rogers is working cheap for an attorney of his caliber – $1,377 for 10 hours is a bargain. To quote our friend Gail Price – “Plumbers make more than that”.

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  3. Voight is such a DB. He should resign.

  4. Jeffrey Voight is a crackpot. Enuf Jeff.

  5. 11:25 – you are so right. Voigt was acting (and badly at that) all confused and trying to play the Keith Killion “Im just a simple man” routine so Matt Rogers would explain and explain and explain some more about nepotism and civil service. They were practically forced into getting that memo written to shut him up. Everyone else on the dais seemed to understand it just fine. Jeff just wanted to try and make Susan look bad. I was sitting at home with my feet up and a glass of wine just shaking my head at the live stream. And by the way, Jeffie Boy, how many times have YOU consulted Matt Rogers at our expense to ask about your jackass schemes such as filing criminal complaints against residents for OPRA and against a council colleague for OPRA. I am betting the Matt Rogers bill THAT WE ALL PAY FOR is pretty huge from you.

  6. voigt is the go to quote guy for the Record , almost like he is on the payroll

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