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Officials face open space shortage in Ridgewood



(This article is the fourth of an ongoing series examining the Schedler property and the issues surrounding it.)

In the dense, suburban jungle that is Bergen County, some of the most precious resources enjoyed by many residents are the pockets of open space scattered amongst the endless tracts of homes, apartments and office and business buildings.

Like many towns, there is a shortage of open space in Ridgewood. The vast majority of the community is built out and much of the remaining undeveloped open space is only usable as conservation land.

In fact, the majority of the village’s parkland is conservation land, said Parks and Recreation Director Tim Cronin. Ridgewood’s largest park, Grove Park, is more than 30 acres, but is unusable for any kind of recreation.

The end result is a tremendous strain on the village’s outdoor facilities.

“It’s a very unusual town,” said Cronin. “Most people don’t realize this is the biggest school system in Bergen County. When I say that, people look at me and they scratch their head and say: How can that be? We’re 25,000 people, we’re bigger than Hackensack?”

This atypical situation has become part and parcel to the discussion of the construction of a second “60-90” field on the Schedler property on West Saddle River Road. As previously covered in The Ridgewood News, neighbors are concerned their quality of life will plummet, while the Ridgewood Baseball Softball Association (RBSA) says the need for a second full-size diamond is too great to ignore.

5 thoughts on “Officials face open space shortage in Ridgewood

  1. Nonsense.

    There are three 60×90 fields already in town; Vets, Somerville and Hawes.

    This is a land gran by Fast Eddie and the Recreation sycophants.

    Cronin is trying to enlarge his kingdom.

    Truth be told, the kids need bigger coffeehouses so that they can hang out and play on their devices all day.

    The demographic has changed very quickly in town, almost over night. The newer students today for the most part do not participate in sports.

  2. The reporter is simply a conduit for one side of the issue. What a lazy effort. The media has long ago given up any attempt at impartial reporting, mostly because it’s easier to get a story from easy to reach sources — government, special interests — than actually do some legwork.

  3. I see a lot of younger students in sports all over town, where are you living?

  4. It’s about having Showcase facilities for Lacrosse and soccer…baseball is an afterthought…a means to an end for these prevaricators.

  5. so the schools have declining enrollment yet we have a filed shortage , so who is exactly using all these fields and for what ???

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