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“One Ring Phone Scam” Hits New Jersey


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Madison NJ, this has been reported by the Police in Madison New Jersey . They are warning about a phone scam that has recently targeted some local residents.

According to Police, residents should be an the alert for the “One Ring Phone Scam” where automated phone numbers intentionally ringing one time, repeatedly, and frequently at random intervals.

The scam attempts to have the victim call the number back, at which time they keep the caller on the phone, and route the call through premium domestic and international numbers, resulting in hefty charges.

Do not under any circumstances answer unexpected calls from unknown international or unusual numbers, or return calls from unknown or suspicious numbers.

The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) reported they received numerous reports of the scam, which utilizes automated dialing machines to work through large ranges of phone numbers, intentionally ringing one time repeatedly.

These phone scams show up as unrecognized or spoofed missed calls hoping the target calls back.

5 thoughts on ““One Ring Phone Scam” Hits New Jersey

  1. Who do we turn these photos numbers over to?

  2. Do what I do if you don’t know the number don’t answer your phone simple as that.

  3. Don’t waste your time turining over numbers.. Most are spoofed

  4. I am so sick of these random calls both on landline and cell!

  5. They are all spoofed. Turning over or blocking the numbers is totally useless.

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