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Openly Gay Reader Takes on Local Race baiters

“The slippery slope argument that many of you are using is a well-known logical fallacy. It ignores the possibility of a middle ground and takes everything to its extreme. There are endless solutions to decide whether something is offensive or appropriate, including commissions and the council itself. Subjectivity is inherent to democracy itself and there’s nothing in our society that isn’t deemed acceptable or not except by society itself. Stop using fear mongering to justify your opposition to a policy just because you’re not comfortable being honest about the reasons behind your true opposition to it (homophobia).”

Reader states : “You with all the long paragraphs. Stop being so condescending and superior. I am not homophobic. I am openly gay. And I think the flagpole was a big mistake. I do not need a rainbow flag to live my life. And I do not want the possibility of hateful flags. Come down off your high horse. objecting does not make a person homophobic.”

6 thoughts on “Openly Gay Reader Takes on Local Race baiters

  1. If only there were one flag that could represent all of the people, all races creeds, orientations, etc……That would be great. E pluribus unum.

  2. That flag is on the other pole in the park.
    Has fifty stars, until some future “committee” decides some of them don’t belong.

  3. Let’s just stick with the american flag

  4. I love the gays. They bring fun and excitement style and most important money. I like money. So let’s enjoy.

  5. Take that extra flag pole down. It was a mistake to accept that gift. It comes with too much baggage. RETURN IT

  6. How about we utilize that flag pole for a new flag every month. That would be pretty cool.

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