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Premier league scores live

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, It has now become much easier to find results of the EPL. In the special premier league scores section, you will get only the latest information that will allow you to navigate the world of your favorite confrontations even better.

The Championship is approaching its final stage, and the main struggle for the gold medals is unfolded between Liverpool and Manchester City. Both teams are in excellent form, so the final rounds promise to be as intense as possible. If the team really hopes to win gold, then it has no right for mistakes. Comparing the two teams with each other, a slight advantage can still be given to Liverpool with its interesting lineup. Now, if you study the premier league scoressection, you will see that the club clearly states that it is ready for new challenges.


The trumps of the Reds in a tournament include:

  1. Good selection of players. Thanks to this, Klopp can often use rotations and field only the strongest professionals. This has a positive effect on the results of the team, which in each round demonstrates a bright and attacking football.
  2. Balance between attack and defense. Last year, Liverpool was famous only for its attack. Now, the situation has changed, because Alisson plays at the gate; he managed to add reliability and now is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.
  3. Individual skills of leaders. Here, first of all, we should note Salah, who for the second season in a row is one of the best players of the Premier League.

All this together allowed Liverpool to occupy the first position of the standings several rounds before the end of the championship.

Quick data updates on 777score

The site of sports statistics is the best resource where you can find the results of matches featuring the Reds and their rivals. Now, it’s time for the playoffs where Klopp’s squad has no right to make mistakes. Over the past 29 years, they have never been so close to winning gold medals, as this season. The current lineup is quite able to write their names in history and finally finish at first position of the standings.

Visit 777score pages to follow the development of events in a convenient format and not to miss anything important. Believe us, it’s very easy with our site. After a few rounds, we will be able to find out whether Klopp’s team would finally be able to regain its former greatness or whether Manchester City will be able to catch up with the competitor and defend its title of the English Premier League’s champion.

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Ridgewood Orchestra’s Love Themed Concert on March 8 Features Romantic Favorites from the Beatles, Gershwin, Tchaikovsky, and Wagner

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , From Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet to an uplifting medley of Beatles songs, the Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra (RSO) will present an evening of love songs on Friday March 8 at 8:00 p.m., at the West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood. Featuring romantic favorites spanning two centuries, the theme of the concert is “All You Need is Love.” The concert features guest soloist Lindsay Deutsch, an American violinist who recently toured as solo violinist with Yanni, and has thrilled audiences world-wide with her brilliant display of technique and musicianship.   The program will present the NJ premiere of Beatles Fantasy, an arrangement of Beatles songs taking the listener on a journey spanning the Beatles’ music throughout the group’s career. Popular Beatles’ tunes will be unmistakable yet original when the orchestra and violin soloist Lindsay Deutsch perform the concerto in three movements led by Artistic Director and Conductor Stephen Culbertson.  

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New Spending :Blame it on Ridgewood Voters


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, many readers challenge the Ridgewood blog’s constant assertion that the Paul Aronsohn administration (ie… the three amigos) represented the low point in Village of Ridgewood history and the turning point from the Village being a very special place to a run of the mill New Jersey town.

Voters in New Jersey never like to admit their folly but the reality is this :

The election of Mayor Paul Aronsohn ushered in 4 high density housing developments in the Central Business District .

Let us spell out what did this mean for the Village , it means an enormous increase in the population of the CBD and the Village of Ridgewood . Which means; more investment in school construction , more construction of parking facilities , more construction of water infrastructure , more investment in roads and traffic signals , sewage and more investment in Police , Fire and Emergency services .

All this now very necessary spending will raise the costs (ie…taxes)and lower the quality of life in the Village .

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The Ridgewood BOE was For it before they Were Against it

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Recently, there has been much dialogue on the Board of Education . We find it totally ridiculous that there are some members of the community that feel no need to exercise their right to vote on a $111,000,000 school budget . There is no larger issue facing the future of the Village of Ridgewood then the magnitude of the Ridgewood School budget .They feel instead its best to leave up to bureaucrats who have done virtually everything in their powers to keep the public in the dark as to school spending and issues.

In reading comments, we believe some residents are dangerously misinformed and are missing the history behind the matter. The BOE was UNANIMOUSLY in favor of an April election. They fought AGAINST a November election and requested Council and community support. However, Gov. Christie caused a change which mandated a Nov. election and budget cap (no budget vote) until May 2018. Once that order lifted, many districts started the process of returning to an April election, including Ridgewood. Interesting, the same BOE inexplicably did a 180, and are against all they once fought for. Well informed residents are holding these elected officials accountable.

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Ridgewood Village Council Attempts to Balance outdoor Dining with Walkability in the CBD

CBD ridgewood ArtChick

photo by ArtChick

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, while many Ridgewood residents love all the outdoor dining experiences in town ,some residents with mobility issues have voiced concerns of overcrowded sidewalks and the inability to move around town. 

The mayor was asked via email :

“The statement that places that have no public parking can extend further towards the street.  I know I’m not as swift as I used to be but, does that mean that the safe walking areas of certain places can extend further to the street?  For instance, the Greek place has no parking because their wall prohibits anyone from getting out of the car and because of that issue, they were granted a yellow stripe in front of their store.  A few other places on Broad Street, especially, have also made it impossible to park and open a door.  Not that I walk in town much anymore, but lots of other people do. Will all of those places have to remove the barriers to the street so that there can be parking in front as well as the ability to walk through their open dining places? The ability to walk with a stroller, walker, or wheelchair?  That  is almost impossible without walking in the street now in many places.  My balance problems are so severe that I can’t walk safely in any of the areas in town that I might want to visit.  So I am not questioning for myself but for all the young mothers and older people who can still enjoy the many delightful places in town.”

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Cardinal Joseph Tobin Letter On Clergy Abuse

Cardinal Tobin

February 13, 2019

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The revelations of clergy sexual abuse of minors throughout this past year have provoked feelings of shock, anger, shame, and deep sorrow throughout our Catholic community. Victims, their families, and the faithful are rightfully outraged over the abuses perpetrated against minors. Additionally, the failure of Church leadership to immediately remove suspected abusers from ministry is particularly reprehensible.

In an effort to do what is right and just, we are publishing the names of diocesan clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors in the Archdiocese of Newark. This list of names is the result of an extensive review of Archdiocesan records dating back to 1940. All names were previously reported to law enforcement agencies.

The Archdiocese of Newark has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of mistreatment or misconduct involving children and young adults. No member of the clergy with a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor remains in ministry.

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Pascrell Opposes any Challenge to the Status Quo One Sided Media in New Jersey

Ridgewood NJ, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-N.J.-09) reacted to reports that MNG Enterprises Inc., an arm of the hedge fund Alden Global Capital, was seeking to purchase the Gannett Company through a hostile takeover of Gannett’s board of directors.

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Porch Pirate” Bill to Crack Down on Theft of Delivery Packages

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  In 2017, 25.9 million Americans had a holiday package stolen from their front porch or doorstep—more than the 23.5 million porch thefts reported in 2015. The number of package thefts occurring across the nation continues to rise with each passing year.

To combat these thefts, which are most popular during the holiday season, Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak has introduced legislation to crack down on “porch pirate” crimes and bolster state penalties for package theft from New Jersey homes.

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Booker Watch: NJGOP Launches Tool To Help NJ Voters Track Booker’s Out Of State Travel


file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ,  The NJGOP has launched a tool to help New Jersey voters track Senator Cory Booker’s out of state, Presidential campaign travel.

Updates on the locations he has visited outside of his duties as New Jersey’s representative in the United Senate can be found at and on Twitter by following the handle @NJGOP.

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5 Pieces of Love Advice for Couples in a New Relationship

love is in the air

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In the current times where everyone is busy trying to progress in various areas of their lives, maintaining a good relationship isn’t easy. If anything, it requires dedication, patience, focus and a lot of work. It’s even more demanding if you’re just starting out as a new relationship requires a lot of time to develop. But that doesn’t mean yours won’t succeed. You simply have to intentionally make an effort to see it work. So if you’re sourcing out for advice concerning your fresh love, then you have come to the right place. Get comfortable and keep scrolling.

Relax and Take It Easy

It might seem impossible to keep calm amid all the emotions that you are feeling right now, but taking it easy is the best thing you can do. Yes, you might be scared of waking up one morning and realizing your partner doesn’t love you anymore, but will worrying stop time? Of course not. Instead, fear can turn you into a control freak, something that you don’t want to experience. It will even rob your peace and joy that you should be enjoying. Hence, learning to relax is the best way of getting to enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Off The Mask

Many people, find it hard to show their vulnerable side to someone else. While that’s absolutely normal, allowing someone else into your life means that you are ready to share your everything. And that includes both your strengths and weakness. Therefore, ensure that you start a relationship with someone you feel attracted to and are comfortable with, such that you can easily show your true colors.

Hence, it’s for this reason some people prefer consulting card readers about their love lives so that they be sure of how and when they will meet their soul mates. It’s all about being sure of your next step in life, so if that gives you confidence, then so be it. This article at phone reading from reveals the benefits of being in a two-way love relationship. Because being in one makes it very easy to act yourself, knowing very well that your partner will love you regardless.

Love Yourself

Both of you have to understand that you cannot give more than what you have. Therefore, contrary to common misconceptions, being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you forget all about yourself and focus on the other person. It actually means that you have to love and appreciate yourself much more so that you will have sufficient love to shower your loved one.

And by this, it doesn’t only mean your physical appearance. But rather an inward-outward kind of love. Take care of your soul and mind so that there is no baggage to pass on. Remember just like you, they’re also looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Be intentionally that person.

Give Your 90%

Well, you might be asking, ” why 90% and not 100%?” The answer is pretty simple, you are allowed to be a little selfish at times. Once you have given out your 90%, have tried your best to understand the other person, putting most of their interests ahead of yours and being generous with your love, don’t be afraid to place yourself first at times. Be firm. Be bold. And always ensure that you are standing on the same page.

This might sound easy but putting it into practice isn’t at all. The secret behind this policy’s success is allowing yourself to feel that the other person is also giving 90%. After all, you aren’t dating yourself so it’s okay to be expectant.

Make Yourself Happy

It isn’t your partner’s responsibility to make you happy but rather yours. You see if you are already happy, then it’s easy for them to maintain or increase that happiness when they do things you like. But if you find yourself wanting your them to behave in a certain way so that you become happy, then that’s bondage and you both won’t like the end result. Yes, right now at the beginning of your relationship, they might seem happy all the time, but it will come a time when they have their moments and you don’t want to entirely place your happiness in their hands at that time.