Baraka and Pro-Charter Slate Sweeps Newark School Board Elections Again

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By Alyana Alfaro • 04/26/17 2:07pm

The Newark Unity Slate—a compromise ticket designed by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, the city’s influential North Ward, and charter-school advocates—swept the city’s school board elections Tuesday night.

Of the 15 candidates on the ballot, the top vote-getter was Josephine Garcia. She brought in 3,566 votes, according to preliminary […]

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Trump Executive Order on Education Preserves State and local control over the Curriculum, Instruction, and Administration of Schools

Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Statutory Prohibitions on Federal Control of Education


– – – – – – –


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to restore the proper division of power […]

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April 27,2017

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Ridgewood NJ,  NJ TRANSIT’s spring rail schedule change continues the effort to best match equipment and timetables to customers’ travel needs.  Highlights of the plan, to go into effect on May 7th, include adding additional seating capacity to ease overcrowding on heavily traveled trains and adjusting the schedules on […]

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Deadly Superbug Fungus Hits Tri-State Hospitals, CDC Says

April 26, 2017 6:42 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Centers for Disease Control says a deadly superbug fungus has hit hospitals in the United States, primarily in the Tri-State Area.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reports, it’s an infection that can easily be misidentified and become deadly, and now health officials are on high alert.

“The organism can […]

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The Final Ridgewood High School Maroon & White Music Recital for the 2016-17 school year

April 27,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, Today, April 27, the Ridgewood High School Department of Fine and Applied Arts will present the final Maroon & White Music Recital for the 2016-17 school year. The last of five such events for this year, the concert will be held in the newly renovated RHS Learning Commons […]

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President Trump Proposed a Massive Tax Cut. Here’s What You Need to Know

APRIL 26, 2017

Washington DC, We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do something big. President Trump has made tax reform a priority, and we have a Republican Congress that wants to get it done. This is something that Democrats should support too because it’s good for the American people.

The President is going to seize […]

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Ridgewood Library Presents Sustainable Street Tree Management Come See the Forest for the Trees


April 27,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, a New Jersey Urban Forestry Expert will Present ‘Sustainable Street Tree Management’ at Ridgewood Library.

Taking comfort under the shade of an oak tree is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. But, have you wondered how these mighty trees […]

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Ridgewood Superintendent of Schools Daniel Fishbein Comments on ,“13 Reasons Why”

April 25, 2017 Dear Ridgewood Parent or Guardian:

As a father of five children, I admit to you that I have not always been able to monitor what my children watch on television. Even using the antiquated term television doesn’t aptly cover the shows and videos that our children “stream watch,” making it nearly impossible to […]

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ID Theft in Ridgewood is becoming a Regular Occurrence

April 27,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police once again report an ID theft occurrence in Ridgewood . On April 20th, a Grove Street resident reported a fraudulent electronic check in the amount of $925.00 was cashed at a location in Nevada against his bank account. The matter is currently being investigated by […]

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Ridgewood Resident Hit with a “Check Overpayment Scam”

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April 27,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, On April 21st, according to the Ridgewood Police a Van Buren Street resident reported being a victim of a fraud. The victim posted an item of Craigslist. She shortly after received a response from an out of state person claiming to have interest in the item. […]

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