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>Valley Renewal: Valley is a for profit Hospital

>I posted this article along with a number of others – the Morristown decision was handed down last Month (May 10, 2010) – the initial judgement was sought on behalf of Morristown Hospital in the hope of having all its activities declared under its non-for-profit status. Morristown hired a tax expert attorney who investigated the federal laws surrounding 501(c) 3 status and what constitutes all the provisions provided to companies that obtain this status – during the discovery process, the town’s attorney uncovered that the hospital was renting space to profit making businesses and that the hospital was wrong to claim these profits under its tax exempt status. It rented its coffee shop to a well known branded store and while not only taking the rent paid by this company, it also shared in the profits over a certain amount – these rents and profits were not covered under the 501(C) 3 status and therefore the hospital has been told that it must pay the taxes to the town of Morristown dating back to the time that these companies (private practices, the coffee shop) started doing business on its tax exempt property.

I am all in for the Village Council investigating what back taxes Valley Hospital owes the Village of Ridgewood should it be proven that they operate and have operated the same system that Morristown Hospital operated

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Valley Renewal : Valley, Village officials and the media try to silence the opposition

>I was disheartened, but not surprised by the events that occurred and the subsequent reporting by The Record and Ridgewood News after last weeks PB meeting.

The media chose to report on a ‘raucous’ crowd rather than investigate efforts by Valley, Village officials and the media to silence the opposition.

Look at the facts:

The venue for the PB was moved to a location that could not handle the crowd. This should not have surprised the PB since this was not the first time that residents were shut out of a Valley hearing. In addition, at the last minute, residents were informed that parking would be limited, and they should carpool. If BF wasn’t available, should the PB have considered rescheduling?

Valley employees most of whom are not residents to fill seats are shuttled to the meeting. The Village reserved half the seats for Valley employees.

The police responded to a crowd of 250 people chanting ‘Stop Valley Now’ by calling in support from four other communities, as well as Bergen County Police and the Sheriff with canine support. Was this a measured response to an out of control situation, or was it designed to intimidate opponents?

The Bergen Record, has consistently supported Valley’s expansion plans, and their reporting has been short on facts. The editors of the record also opposed plans to reopen PVH. Does The Record editorial policy have anything to do with the fact that Mr Borg, President of the newspaper, is a member of Valley Hospital’s Presidents Council?

Valley is mobilizing it’s PR machine to divide and discredit the opposition. We have to stand together in opposition to Valley and public officials who thus far have refused to listen to residents.

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july 4th sale

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>School’s Out For the Summer!


No more teachers, no more books…it’s time for a summer vacation! The travel consultants at The Travel Center/American Express know the key to a great family getaway is to include activities that will be fun for everyone. Here are a few of our top picks:

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*Orlando: In the city built for family fun, entertainment abounds for both the young and young at heart. Think a family vacation can’t combine roller coasters, gourmet dining and golf on a championship course? Think again. The travel consultants at The Travel Center will show you how.

*The Atlantis: A 141-acre water park, swimming with dolphins, concerts by top performers, an 11,000-year-old lost continent, 21 restaurants, 19 bars and lounges, poolside gambling…the list goes on and on. You’ll understand why it’s called Paradise Island.

*Tauck Bridges: The industry’s leading family travel company, Tauck Bridges helps families explore the world’s most exciting places. Adventure awaits, whether you choose European castles, a safari in Tanzania, Darwin’s Galapagos, or the Wild, Wild West.

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>Nanny State : conduct outside of school is not the school’s business

>I saw this article in the Record. I agree that conduct outside of school is not the school’s business. It subjects some students to special rules. Those who do not do sports are not punished.

Next challenge will be the village law that allows police to enter private homes if they suspect underage drinking. If the police think that I am a serial killer they need evidence and a warrent to enter my home. But if they suspect underage drinking they can walk in? If you read the NJ online police reports they are all the same – officer sees a kid in the driveway with a beer/plastic cup (because polixe are trained to identify beer cans in the dark). The kid runs (never caught) but the officer goes into the home. The scenario that allows them to enter is always the same. It is probably a fill in the blank form that they use, like a mad lib.

And another challenge will be Kaliegh’s Law.

Less government.

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Escort Radar

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>Beer Sampling this Friday at Super Cellars

>Ommegang Hennepin- 7.7%ABV
As you pour this rich golden ale into your glass, consider your surroundings. Are you in a restaurant? Outside on the deck? Is it hot and humid? Cold and brisk? Take a drink. Feel the way Hennepin is bright and lively in your mouth with a warming mix of spicy gingersnap and citrusy hops. Refreshing. Relaxing. It’s true: no matter where you are, Hennepin is the perfect ale for all seasons.

Omeegang Abbey Brown Ale- 8.5% ABV
Meditate on this dark ruby elixir. Breathe in its deep emanations of fruit and spice. Is that clove you smell? Licorice? Fig? Sip serenely as revelations of honey, toffee, chocolate and dark dried fruit delight your senses. Can a beer be holy? you wonder, and Where can I get a grail on-line?

John P Gray
Patrick & Sons Super Cellars
32 South Broad St
Ridgewood,NJ 07450
(p) 201-444-0012
(f) 201-444-3070

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>Overeaching nanny state : Ramapo Indian Hills regional district policy on code of conduct pledge unconstitutional

>Ramapo Indian Hills regional district policy on code of conduct pledge unconstitutional

“An administrative law judge has ruled that a Ramapo Indian Hills ­Regional School District policy that forces students to sign a code of conduct pledge is unconstitutional.

The policy, which was adopted last June and took effect at the start of this school year, allows school officials to punish students for their actions outside of the two campuses. For example, if students break laws involving drugs or alcohol on the weekend, they are not allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

Judge Richard McGill ruled that the policy is unconstitutional and ultra vires – beyond the powers of the school district.”

Ridgewood has the same policy, attempting to usurp the rights of parents. When will these government run schools ever learn that their only mission is education?

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>2.5 percent solution : we the people can say if we want to pay higher taxes

>Ingle: The big fight is over 2.5% cap

As I was saying, you can forget about those predictions of a state shutdown over the budget this year; it will pass on time. The fight is over Gov. Christie’s proposed constitution-backed 2.5 percent annual property tax cap. The governor’s proposed constitutional amendment, which needs to be passed by the Legislature by mid-July to be put on the ballot in November, would limit property tax growth to 2.5 percent with only two exceptions — debt service and voter override, the latter meaning we the people can say if we want to pay higher taxes. (Ingle, Gannett)

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