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>Warner Quad Theatre – Closed For Renovations, or Closed For Good?

The marquee at Clearview Cinema’s Warner Quad Theatre now carries this rather eerie message: “Closed For Renovations.”

Opened in 1930, this Art Deco neighborhood palace was originally part of the Warner circuit. The Warner later became part of the Stanley-Warner chain and then the merged units of RKO-Stanley-Warner.

As the decades worn on, the Warner lost its grand, signature Warner sign. In 1981, Cineplex Odeon purchased the theater and it has since been converted into a four screen house.

Part of the Clearview Cinemas circuit since 1998, the Warner Quad offers a healthy diet of first run commercial and art house fare and its asymmetrical Deco facade continues to highlight Ridgewood Avenue.

The Fly certainly hopes that this historic facility will soon reopen.

PS. A phone call to the Village’s building and zoning department revealed that no building permits have yet been issued for interior demolition or new construction.

I ask you; who in their right mind would close up shop “for renovations” without having a building permit in hand?


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>What is with it, with all this referral to ballot stuffing anyway?

>What is with it, with all this referral to ballot stuffing anyway? It was quite Clear that residents rights to respond to the CMX field survey, per each household, were exercised in a free government format of the people, by the people and for the people. By the way, This is America – U.S.A.! Clearly people have that right to voice their individual opinions and they were submitted in response to that survey! Responses as revealed by the CMX consultant Clearly demonstrate the Outcry by people to save the natural nature Grove Park for and under its natural open space agenda to PRESERVE it.

This Outcry of the people, by the people who DO Care for PRESERVATION, was in response to the November public meeting proposal to build sports ball, soccer fields, picnic structures, and parking structures, in Grove Park, because of the pressing need for more sports programs and lack of field availability. I do believe those issues have been addressed in the draft proposal, and agree it is clear that Priorities are needed for sports fields such as at the High School and BF fields.
However, the response shows 105 individual households from the Hawes area responded – because they Care, just as they Cared against sports fields being built, back 12 years ago when a very large crowd of All Concerned residents showed up at city hall council meeting, and spilled over into the hallways, to oppose the sports council prepared agenda of proposed engineered drawings of sports playing fields in the Grove Nature Park Preserve, it was decided at That time, there would be No development of sports fields of any kind and to leave the Nature Park alone.

The natural nature Park Preserve, already has natural earthen trails, that over time has from floodings and fallen trees, does need maintenance, attention for preservation should be cared for and given it. Already joins the county bike path, the draft suggests 2 new additional linkings to bike path which need to be co-ordinated with Paramus and County. Maintenance for preservation should be ongoing and not neglected and Does require money.

Nature is a Gift that should be appreciated, enjoyed, studied and preserved by ALL now and for the future generations. I agree that resonable discussion should be considered by the VOR and without an “eggtimer”. Thank you for your reconsideration.

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>Green Street Lights


From the Common Man Digest

Go Ann Arbor!!

A recurring theme of this blog is being green. Today’s news wires are carrying a story that is very exciting!! It seems that the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is going to replace all of its street lights with LEDs. As we’ve discussed previously in this blog, the LED saves a significant amount of electricity (which equals $$$$$) and lasts approximately 10 years to a 2 year life for a regular incandescent bulb. According to the story, the city expects to recover its costs of installation through energy savings in just 2 years!! This means that the next 8 years of operation (the expected life of the LED) will be money in the taxpayers’ pockets. In addition, it will reduce greenhouse gas production in an amount equivalent to taking 400 cars of the road! Where is the downside on this? Why aren’t all towns and cities looking at doing this?Thoughts anyone?


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>Reader Comments on the "SPECIAL PUBLIC MEETING"

>Yes, the turn-out was good, seats packed full, standing room only on the sides and in back. We patiently listened to all of them; consultant, mayor, opening statements, each and every one of the comments by the BOE and council, many of them several commenting, especially Kim Ringler-Shagin -over and over.

Kim asked several questions, and the consultant wasn’t quite coherent, none of us knew exactly what she was asking.

It seems that their (The BOE and VC) minds are made up to concentrate on the HS, BF junior HS- expanded gym and fields and the other junior HS (GW). Lots of discussion about Habernickle too- the recommendation from Schoor-Depalma (now CMX) was to build and indoor gym. Also there was a lot of focus on Graydon. Their minds also seem to be made up on installing a parking lot at Grove Park and paving over Dunham Trail.

It was ‘their’ meeting – sort of like a tea party – full representation from BOE and council officals, John Q. Public was kept at a distance. And when we finally spoke after 2 hours of attentive listening we were told by the mayor to keep it brief – 3 minutes or less. Many of us were ‘cut off’, told to ‘wrap it up’, finish up – very rude of Mr. Pfund.

The elected officials babbled on for 2 hours before allowing the people a very limited window for comment. Also In the beginning the mayor commented that he heard a flyer was going around saying its going the cost $28 million and it would affect the public’s taxes – he stated that’s not so, and this is just an input meeting on the ‘draft’ and it will need to be reviewed, and then resubmitted , – sometime later – December 2007, then Jan/Fed put on agenda for public comment.

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>The Fly has learned that last nights Math Focus Group was a bust

>Parents selected by lottery from Travell and Orchard all gathered as scheduled for the math focus group last night but the conflict resolution moderator was a no show. The group disbanded after forty minutes with not a clue as to why they were stood up by Ms. Beth Fisher-Yoshida of Teachers College. Not even Interim Superintendent Tim Brennan could solve the mystery for parents who were at a loss to explain the irony that this group in particular (Travell and Orchard) would be made to suffer such an indignity. Brennan promised that the group would be rescheduled. Still, parents don’t understand why this conflict resolution effort is taking place between parents when it rightly should be between parents and the BOE. It seems that the verdict is in: TERC math is “denuded of content” and “illiterate,” as wisely spoken by esteemed math professors from the very best universities. The question on everyone’s mind is, why is the district pursuing it in the face of such tenacious opposition from the parents of the children most exposed to it?

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>Village Council Meetings

>10/23/07 8:00pm Board of Adjustment Available

10/24/07 7:30pm Village Council Work Session

11/07/07 7:30pm Village Council Work Session

11/28/07 8:00pm Village Council Public Meeting

12/05/07 7:30pm Village Council Work Session


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>Around the Village

>October 25,2007 Local Artists Studio Tour
Supports the Ridgewood Library Foundation
Tour 8 Ridgewood Artist Studios from 10AM to 2PM. Discover their inspiration,, observe demonstrations and techniques. 20% of sales will benefit the Library Foundation. Tickets are $25 and can be picked up at the Library from 9 to 11AM. Box lunches available. Information: 201/670-5600 x122

October 26 ,2007 ANNUAL FLU CLINIC
Valley Community Health – 201/291-6090
Ridgewood/Ho-Ho-Kus Annual Flu Clinic – Senior Center at Village Hall, 131 N. Maple Ave. from 9AM to 12PM. Participants must be 65 years or older. Free with Medicare Part B – No HMO Medicare accepted. For 18 years – 64 years – Flu vaccine $25 (cash or check only). Pneumonia vaccine – $35.00 (cash or check only).

October 27 ,2007 Fall Harvest Festival
Chamber of Commerce
Saturday, October 27th from 1pm to 4pm – Family Fun in Memorial Park at Van Neste Square. Goffle Brook Farms will transform the park into a Halloween Happening! Costume Parade at 2pm. Bath Salt Potion class, Josephine Dvorken will take Halloween Pictures; Great Pumpkin Hunt in the Park; Petting Zoo and Face Painting; Trick or Treats from the Chamber of Commerce!

Ends October 28 2007 Farmer’s Market
Jersey Fresh Produce
Every Sunday from 9am to 3pm find the freshest produce at the Ridgewood Train Station. In addition, there are local vendors with fresh mozzarella, bread, pickles, olives, and baked goods. Sponsored by the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce. Last Sunday is October 28.

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>That darn survey issue comes up a lot and most of the time one key point is missed.

>If the BOE had done a mea culpa and just apologized for giving children(yes, at 16 we can call them that) a survey with sexual questions on it without informing parents first the darn thing wouldn’t have ended up such a big deal.

This school district has a long history of not only ignoring parents who disagree, but also maligning them. (See Reilly takes out ad against Ms. Nunn.)

And that is why the HSA gets brought up because if you disagree in this town and ask for something like a quality math textbook for your kid you are portrayed as an anarchist.

Every other town that fought against TERC had all the parents united against the district and eventually won by getting a better math curriculum.

Ridgewood is the only town where parents turned against other parents not because they knew anything about math curriculum, but because they supported the district and BOE blindly.

There’s your problem right there HSA folks.

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>Last Day to Register to Vote for November

>Last Day to Register to Vote for November General Election 10/16/07The last day to register to vote for the November 6, 2007 General Election is October 16, 2007. Residents may register from 8:30AM to 4:30PM in the Village Clerk’s Office, and then fro 4:30Pm to 9:00PM in the lobby of the Ridgewood Public Library on October 16th.