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>Glen Rock PD To Use Pease Memorial Library Building?

>The Pease Memorial Library building, located at 30 Garber Square Ridgewood,
is being considered as the site Glen Rock Police Department officers will
call home during renovations planned for their current headquarters at Glen
Rock Borough Hall. According to a report in the May 29th edition of The
Record, Ridgewood Mayor David T. Pfund and Village Council members have not
yet discussed this proposal.

Use of unoccupied space at Pease has been a hot topic of discussion at
several Village Council meetings in recent years. The building’s entire
main floor became available for use when Ridgewood’s Police Department moved
back to Village Hall in August of 2005. Council members have not yet
reached agreement as to what should be done with the vacant space. The
local League of Women Voters chapter has suggested the space be designated
as for “public use only,” while others suggest it be rented out to the
highest bidder, with revenues directed to the Library’s operating budget.

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>Update: fly on the wall

>the Ridgewood blog has learned that ,in November Dr. Porter will be starting his fifth year of a five-year contract. If he signs up for another five-year term, the BOE will buy into 15 YEARS of his pension (apparently, promised to him by a former BOE member). This member has retired form the board ,so whether this is a rumor or not remains to be seen.

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>wish to thank all the Vets who will soon be out there, everywhere, selling those poppies.

May 5, 2006

Dear Editor,

Thank You for the Opportunity

I wish to thank all the Vets who will soon be out there, everywhere, selling those poppies. I thank them for being out there so I can have the opportunity to personally thank each and every one of them for their service to our great Nation. Our Nation is great because they made it great. All of them. Some of these brave men and women are missing toes because of the cold winter during the war. Some of them still have pieces of metal inside their body. Still you continue to serve your community and our Nation.

I felt so badly this week when I went to a local Post Office. I saw one of our fine Vets leaning wearily, but still standing, against a newsstand as he held his poppies. Person after person passed him by as if he were invisible. I grabbed a dollar and looked right into those beautiful, deep eyes and said, “Oh! I have been looking for you!” And then I thanked him for his service, from the depth of my heart. I bought another one as I left. Some of these soldiers were never recognized as they should have been for the sacrifice they gave and continue to give to this day. These brave men and women make me proud to be an American. Last time one of them thanked me for buying a poppy on such a hot and humid day at a traffic light and then, with a twinkle in his eye, told me to “have a great life”. I shouted back, “You gave me that life!”

When I look into their seasoned eyes, I see the greatness of our country’s heart and compassion. I see the wisdom, sacrifice and I see the pain. Most of all, I see the love. I wish to mention to those who will soon see our brave Vets out there selling poppies. Please don’t ever pass by one of them saying, “I already gave”. Is that what our brave heroes say while defending our Nation, “I already fought yesterday, so today I’m going pass on preserving liberty and freedom”? Please give with your heart, a smile and a “Thank you for your service” to them all, each and every one of them.

Linda Haft

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>the Fly on the wall …..

>The Ridgewood Blog has learned that Superintendent Porter is a finalist for a superintendent position in California … whether or not he is using this as a bargaining chip for a new contract negotiations with the BOE remains to be seen .

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>the Fly on the wall reports

>the Ridgewood Blog has heard that one tenth of all street lights in the Village are not working. It has been alleged that the problem has been exacerbated by the fact that the police department refuses, due to the “not my job” syndrome to report non working street lamps.

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>Update: No More Banks

>The Planning Board is recommending to the Village Council that a new ordinance be considered. It would require site plan approval for any change of use. A change of use is a material change in the character or intensity of a use, such that there is the potential for different impacts to the site, neighborhood or community. For example, a retail clothing store being converted to a bank could be considered a change of use, since it would create issues related to traffic and parking, noise impacts, etc.This type of ordinance has been implemented in Allendale, Montvale, Oakland, Teaneck and Westwood. Click here <> for the draft ordinance.

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>Up Coming Events around the Village

>May 25 2006 – Ridgewood Tax Payers Association meeting at the Stable on Maple Ave. 7:30 to 9:30. Guest Speaker US Senate Candidate and Ridgewood Taxpayer’s Association member John Ginty. All are welcome!

Ridgewood to Start RevaluationThe Village of Ridgewood has recently been ordered by the Bergen County Board of Taxation to perform a revaluation for the year 2008.

$7 Million Referendum to expand Ridge and Willard – The Ridgewood BOE has tentatively approved the development of a proposal to expand the Ridge and Willard schools if funding is authorized by a referendum in either September or December of 2006.