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>no news yet

>Thanks for checking in ,and no we don’t know anything yet except for the personal observation that the turnout seemed very low.Looks like sometime after 9pm we should be hearing.

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>Dont forget to VOTE !

>Well we have heard for the candidates and now its time to make our voice heard so tomorrow please get out take a minute and cast your vote .

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>Get out the Vote

>From: Patrick Mancuso

Monday, May 08, 2006 1:30

Vote Tuesday May 9th

Don’t forget to Vote on Tuesday, May 9th (tomorrow).

If you are not eligilbe, please call 10 people who are. If you are eligible, please call 10 people
who are. We’ve got to get out the “Vote”.

Thank you for your donations, letters to the editor, kind thoughts and words and above all, your prayers.


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>the fly on the wall

>the fly on the wall has just learned something interesting. The new HS principle is coming to us from a school that was classified as as “in need of improvement, Year 1” for 2004-2005 by the IL State Board of Education. This means the school failed to make AYP (adequate yearly progress) for two consecutive years. Parents have the option to transfer their kids out of that school. Looks like they had a little trouble with the No child left behind. The BOE website states “Jack Lorenz is a professional high school administrator. He has gone through al the steps from teacher, assistant principal to principal in several different high school settings. He has the experience and expertise that RHS needs right now.”

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>Allergy Season

Folks incase you haven’t noticed the pollen count has been unusually high in the Village last couple of weeks primarily from Oak, Birch and Maple. No you don’t have a cold its allergies. I have always suffered form very bad allergies but this past two weeks have been very difficult. There are many allergy remedies over the counter or Doctor prescribed. I am not a doctor but I do have a few tips, they may help a bit. Green tea with lemon, gargle with warm salt water, grape fruit juice and regular aspirin or some kind of over the counter pain reliever. Not a cure all but they wont kill you and I have found them in a long life of suffering allergies to help me .

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>The Ridgewood Blog Invites all the Candidates…

>The Ridgewood Blog invites all the candidates to submit a position statement prior to the election and remember the Ridgewood Blog has just surpased the 1000 mark for readers and is a great way to reach your audence.

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thanks you for all !

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>Village Council Election

>Village Council Election – May 9thThere are 2 Council positions up for election at the Village Village Council Election is on May 9, 2006. Polls will be open from 6am to 8pm. The are two seats open and they are for a 4 year term. There are 3 candidates: John L. Papietro “3R’s Responsible Representation Not Rhetoric”; David T. Pfund and Patrick A. Mancuso “Ridgewood First”. For further information contact the Village Clerk at 201/670-5500 ext. 201.

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>Around the Village

>TAKE A TASTE OF RIDGEWOOD!Don’t miss the Taste of Ridgewood on Sunday, May 7th. From 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., over 20 restaurants will set up sample stations along Ridgewood Aevnue from Oak Street to Broad Street. Fine wines, specialty beers and fabulous cheese samples will be available in a tent in the park, and there will be music throughout the festival area.

Public Access Channel 77 Available for Ridgewood Events Included in the Village’s franchise agreement with Cablevision for Ridgewood cable service, is the use of the Public Access Channel 77. The Channel is used by the Village to broadcast Village Council meetings and advertise Ridgewood non-profit events. The Board of Education also uses the channel to broadcast their public meetings as well as several other school related events.The Village is looking for additional apropriate quality produced video programs to air. Do you have film of Ridgewood events – artistic performance, special interview or presentation of a topic of interest to fellow Ridgewood residents? Please contact the Village Manager’s office at 201/670-5500 ext.204 to check into this opportunity and to offer any suggestions for the volunteer use of the channel.

Ridgewood’s Emergency Response Team With the resignation of Bob Greenlaw, the 3 positions he held in Emergency Management have been filled with new professionals. The new Ridgewood Emergency Management Coordinator is Brad Mason, a 20 year volunteer in emergency services and former employee of FEMA. The new Emergency Services Director is Paul Gilard, retired after 20 years on the Ridgewood Police and part time NW Bergen 911 Dispatcher. The new Center Director of NW Bergen Central Dispatch is Skip Cherven, a Ridgewood native and current Emergency Services Deputy Coordinator of the Borough of Paramus. We welcome these individuals who make a strong emergency response team for the Village of Ridgewood.