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Parents Continue to Confront Ridgewood School Board on Bullying Issues



November 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at the Monday night school board meeting , the Ridgewood Board of Educations was once again challenged by parents on the perceived lack of action on what some parents are calling a bullying epidemic at Ridgewood schools.

The school seemed unable or unwilling to confront the issue. The Board continues to claim they are following the anti bullying policy , but recent events would fail to confirm that . The school board maintains that bullying is not an issue at Ridgewood Schools, while recent events again suggest otherwise . Parents as well as students seem to lost confidence in the BOE on this issue .


6 thoughts on “Parents Continue to Confront Ridgewood School Board on Bullying Issues

  1. I am really really concerned about all of the things I hear happen at the high school . It seems that the BOE is only involved or concerned about situations that fall under the state mandate of HIB. If an incident doesn’t fall unde the guidelines of HIB then nothing is done . I want to send my kids to catholic school for high school . The environment at RHS seems toxic. This was a chance for our “leaders” and I use that term lightly , to actually take a stand , implement new programs and actually lead! Shame on them

  2. A very good point was made by Fishbein, he and his administration are responsible for monitoring a powerful device that is put in the students hands (smartphone) by the parents. When are we going to start holding parents accountable for their kids and what they do? Also, I have heard so many complaints of the BOE not doing their jobs in taking a stand (which I highly disagree with – my kids who are at 3 different schools in the district have been coming home talking about their bully – HIB presentations since I can remember), but I have yet to hear anyone come forward with what they think should or can be done in addition to what is already being done. Anyone? I bet if more parents were policing their kids and their phones, this would help the administration A LOT. They can’t’ do it alone, and they shouldn’t be held entirely accountable for 6,000 kids and their actions. This is a group effort people. Teaching our kids accountability for their OWN actions is an amazing life lesson. Placing blame has not benefit to anyone – not helpful.

  3. BOE will never, ever admit to there being any sort of problems at the high school. To do so would have the potential of negatively affecting real estate values. Their respective heads would roll in the voting booth if that ever happened. Thus, head in sand is the standard operating practice at Cottage Place.

  4. Hey at 105 million no promises were made..

  5. Helicopter parents out in force to protect their precious little snowflakes from reality.

  6. Thank you RW parent. I agree with you. It’s time for parents and students to take responsibility for their actions.

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