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Parkmobile strikes again in Ridgewood


November 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In addition to the revenue drain associated with commissions being paid out by the Village’s Parking Utility to Parkmobile USA, the introduction of the mobile parking payment app has resulted in the hiring of additional Parking Enforcement Officers.  This because none of Ridgewood’s police officers have been issued, or trained on, the software that is now required to issue parking tickets at any locations within the Village where Parkmobile is accepted for payment.

9 thoughts on “Parkmobile strikes again in Ridgewood

  1. The price residents pay for Technology after all they don’t want to carry change around and it stops theft.

  2. Really…how difficult could it be to learn the software? If they can’t figure it out, fire them…get with the times. The Village seems to be losing money on this crappy endeavor from every angle.

  3. Maybe it was set up to fail and be so costly. This way the good old fashioned quaters and theft get to continue. Come on people such stupid mistakes and oversights can’t be for real.

  4. We are the laughing stock of Bergen County. This crew kills busineses for pocket change..then bitches about it endlessly a joke thats all on us re 1000 dollar parking passes ..Njt is going to need more busses for 2018 trains too costly to park in town. Get that trend store owners…

  5. The gift from Roberta that keeps on giving.

  6. I’m beginning to think I’m reading the old Mad Magazine!

  7. Rip out the meters. No one shout have to pay for parking. Raise the taxes to cover any losses.

  8. They should have free parking from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, that would help local business

  9. I will never use anything but coins in parking meters and I will stop going downtown if the price goes back up. A quarter for half an hour is one thing (still unacceptable usury) but if you go into the city for the day by train or Short Line it becomes a much bigger deal.

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