Paul Arohnson : Democratic Machine Politics 

Paul Arohnson has received thousands of campaign dollars from Democratic politicians to establish an outpost in Ridgwood. He is a professional politician and was former Gov. McGreavey’s press secretary. The last time I check his fund raising for this campaign was close to $10,000. Most of this money is coming from direct democratic sources in Trenton and is union backed.

Paul Arohnson is running with Gwenn Haulk and Albert Puccarelli and has openly asked the voters of Ridgewood to sweep them into power.

Keith Killion and Jane Shinazuka have relied on a few hunded dollars to win this campaign.

Neighbors and residents of Ridgewood, you know what to do, who to vote for.

Keep dirty, professional politics out of Ridgewood.

Vote for Killian and Shinazoka (and even Russ Forenza who is not affiliated with Paul Arohnson, thank God!)