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Pedestrian stuck and killed on Route 208 southbound in Fair Lawn

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fair Lawn NJ, A pedestrian was stuck and killed on Route 208 southbound near Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn on Sunday evening, 04/14. A marked Bergen County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle with heavy front end damage and leaking engine fluid was observed stationed immediately adjacent to where the victim was pronounced dead on the highway. Fair Lawn Police and Fair Lawn EMS personnel were observed at the scene along with multiple uniformed officers from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department.

12 thoughts on “Pedestrian stuck and killed on Route 208 southbound in Fair Lawn

  1. I nominate this person for a Darwin Award.

  2. Early nominee for a Darwin Award

  3. Not a Joking matter..That’s someone’s family member
    who might have paid with his life by a Simple mistake.

    The state and DOT SHOULD spend a bit more on education
    in schools and in the media to remind people and young
    adults that attempting to cross a divided highway is suicide.Short cut to a very short life ..very sad at Easter week,

  4. So you are proposing that my tax dollars go to educating people not to cross busy highways. Should we also educate them not to drink bleach? How about a special school week dedicated to not eating rat poison?


    At some point it is a matter of personal responsibility or lack thereof. The family of this idiot should be made to compensate any drivers delayed by this idiocy and for all policy and governmental work conducted in connection therewith.

  5. these WERE KIDS simon says

  6. I guess reimbursing the State and local police after they bury their Kid is jailhouse justice ( maybe in USSR)

    this was a KID , they do stupid stuff.. think back to your own youthful mistakes commenter

  7. As a KID, I was smart enough not to do such idiotic things.

    What do you propose? Dedicating the entire school year to educating them about every conceivable dumb thing they could do no matter how obviously dangerous?

    The existence of KIDS like this is why we have instructions on how to use wet-naps. “Open package. Wipe.”

    At least the gene pool has improved.

  8. STOP IT. STOP IT. Move on people. We get it – you have no compassion or moral compass. Find another outlet for your insensitivity. Or better yet – shut up and grow up.

  9. Why does stating the truth imply that I lack a moral compass? Perhaps the people who need a “moral compass” are his parents for allowing this to happen.

    And, no, I don’t have compassion for idiocy.

    “Shut up and grown up” — Fine argument indeed. Same to you, ha! See what I did there?

  10. I absolutely can not believe some of the above comments. Attacking the parents’ of a dead child.
    Put yourself in their shoes. It is bad enough to lose a member of your family w/o being accused of his death.

  11. please consider taking this picture down as it is horrific to
    those family members

    happy holidays James

  12. “Put yourself in their shoes. It is bad enough to lose a member of your family w/o being accused of his death.”

    Whose fault is it besides that of the family who failed to properly supervise their child and that of the child who could not even manage to observe the most basic of safety concerns.

    Should we build impassable walls around all busy multi-lane divided highways to protect idiots from themselves? If so, let it come out of the taxes of all you bleeding hearts.

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