July 9,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed a bill that would dedicate $5 million in government sponsored local news.

Under the ruse of ‘social justice”, the so-called “Civic Info Bill” was passed by the state legislature in June and will create the Civic Information Consortium, a nonprofit organization that gives grants to promote media in “underserved communities, low-income communities and communities of color.”

After all “people of color” need to be told what to think by the state , and state controlled media is the best tool of the propagandist.

Applicants apply for grants by proposing a “collaboration” between one of five public universities and a community organization, a media outlet, or a member of the state’s technology sector. The proposal must also “offer a clear benefit to communities.” Which means if it keeps people down , promotes victimization and echo Democrat talking points  it will be funded .

One goal of proposed grants should be to “better meet the information needs of low-income communities and racial and ethnic communities that have been undeserved by the media.” Meaning the central idea is to push “fake news” that promotes the fialed state agenda .

Which translates into too many “people of color” are starting to think for themselves and we can have that.

The state Democrats will of coarse have a large role in deciding who is eligible to receive such grants.

Under the bill the state would establish a Ministry of Propaganda a 13-person board of directors will be in charge of approving grants will have two appointees each from the governor and the legislature, as well as five picks from the universities. Those nine directors will, by majority vote, choose the last four members.

Some activist organizations that have expressed support for the bill include Action 21 Immigrants Rights Advocacy Group, LAP Latino Alliance for Progress, and the Latin American Democratic Association. Just one Republican member of the state legislature voted in favor of the bill.

The bill was extensively lobbied for by a group ironically named , Free Press? There is no such think as a government funded “free press”,   The organization’s goal of promoting “diversity in media ownership” and is co-founded by at least one progressive journalist. Free Press Action Fund launched a campaign in 2017 to pass an earlier version of the bill. Another words lets force New Jersey’s hapless taxpayer to pay for more failed  journalists jobs.