file photo by Boyd Loving

June 8,2018

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, As best as we can determine, the photos that COUNCILMAN Voigt is providing of late to The Ridgewood News are appearing in their hard copy newspaper only. That is, none seem to have ever been posted on the affiliated website. That in and of itself is very unusual as their practice typically is to use material on line prior to it being used in the hard copy newspaper. We wonder why The Ridgewood News has established this special procedure for COUNCILMAN Voigt’s photographs?

In his role as COUNCILMAN, Jeff Voigt is provided physical access to areas & events that may be off limits to members of the general public. No doubt, this may be one reason why the newspaper is so happy to be connected with COUNCILMAN Voigt. However, this “business relationship” also affords COUNCILMAN Voigt the opportunity to exclude individuals from his photographs whom he may view as political opponents, and include those whom he may view as political allies.

As taxpayers, many of our staff members take issue with this “business relationship” based on both points noted above and wonder if this “business relationship” constitutes an ethics violation of some sort on the COUNCILMAN’S part?