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Photos courtesy of Jeff Voigt (COUNCILMAN)? Huh?

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood Council

file photo by Boyd Loving

June 8,2018

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, As best as we can determine, the photos that COUNCILMAN Voigt is providing of late to The Ridgewood News are appearing in their hard copy newspaper only. That is, none seem to have ever been posted on the affiliated website. That in and of itself is very unusual as their practice typically is to use material on line prior to it being used in the hard copy newspaper. We wonder why The Ridgewood News has established this special procedure for COUNCILMAN Voigt’s photographs?

In his role as COUNCILMAN, Jeff Voigt is provided physical access to areas & events that may be off limits to members of the general public. No doubt, this may be one reason why the newspaper is so happy to be connected with COUNCILMAN Voigt. However, this “business relationship” also affords COUNCILMAN Voigt the opportunity to exclude individuals from his photographs whom he may view as political opponents, and include those whom he may view as political allies.

As taxpayers, many of our staff members take issue with this “business relationship” based on both points noted above and wonder if this “business relationship” constitutes an ethics violation of some sort on the COUNCILMAN’S part?


17 thoughts on “Photos courtesy of Jeff Voigt (COUNCILMAN)? Huh?

  1. How is it when we have headline like “Council members Look to delay Parking Meter Rate Increases until after the 2020 Ridgewood council election takes place” and poster start expressing there dismay for their decision we all of a sudden get a post on how bad Voigt is. Are other members of the council trying to deflect their shortcomings onto someone else.

  2. 2020 can’t come soon enough.

  3. Hmm. Good questions. Mr. Rogers: your opinion is kindly requested.

  4. The (New and Improved) three amigos have taken this to a new level.




    When accused, deflect the blame by pointing at others. Say that it was not you and that whatever happened was caused by other people or other things.

    You can point directly at specific culprits or you can infer that others are to blame by more subtle means, such as indicating that they had motive, were in the right place, and so on (and that you were not).

    When being direct or vague, consider the implications if you could be found out by the people you are blaming. If there may be recriminations, then be less direct.

    You can also blame circumstances, the weather and inanimate objects.

  5. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Voigt is a big league phony and major D-bag to use his own terminology. Whenever one looks at the shortcomings of any of this guy’s peers, Voigt is still a loser and needs to go. Period.

  6. No deflecting just a daily reminder of dbag Voight. Big blow up over event pics he took and cut out certain council he don’t like. Newspaper show daily bias always helping the dbag. Rumor is Katz ban does his it for. Him. Who knows. Makes sense

  7. Jeff Voigt, people are going after you because you are despicable and have proven it repeatedly. People are not going after other council members because they are honest, they do not attack citizens, they do not attack one another, or do any of the crap you have been pulling for almost two years. Even though I do not always agree with the other four, I respect them completely. YOU? I have zero respect for you Jeff Voigt. You are pond scum. Worse than pond scum because, in fact, pond scum serves a purpose in the environment and you serve no purpose whatsoever.

  8. And the Apologist are out in full force. Lets see how the vote on the garage finances. Read the below story. Then you can tell how great and honest they are.

  9. He is just like Aronsohn, in bed with the editor of the RWD news. Aronsohn used to control the message to the point of stopping a letter that was not favorable to him. Voigt has the editor of the RWD news and the reporter from the Record in speed dial. He is pathetic.

  10. Are you kidding me 8:24. How about the other council members ? They are in bed with the Bergen County Democratic Party. Pick your poison.

  11. 8:19 – Voigt is a Wharton School graduate. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. No, you don’t have to ask him because he will volunteer this information within the first moments of meeting him. And yet he thinks that delaying payment of the principal on the garage bond is a good idea. He is stupid and useless.

  12. 8:35


    cancel the raised garage neighborhood busting non conforming megalith

    nobody except the merchants , builders and out of town commuters wants it anyway.An unsafe dirt palace like every one of these prefab monsters
    splashed all around the state.They are unsafe and polluting structures.

    spend half on complete reconstruction on all village Surface lots..that are
    like the beaches of Normandy after bombardment..lets get our heads out of the clouds…

  13. Talk about voters’ remorse. Voigt was the biggest mistake ever.

  14. Let’s all remember Voigt gets only 1 vote. You can’t blame a majority vote on him.

  15. Your right 10:20. Lets see how the rest are going to finance this garage. I believe they need 4 votes. Let the spin begin.

  16. So you have this guy, Jeff Voigt. He came sort of out of nowhere and he seemed like a reasonable guy. And he went up against Aronsohn and company at a council meeting, losing his temper with them about attending that fundraiser for Chris Cristie. Wow, he really seemed like a reasonable guy. So people got on board with him and spent money and sweat equity to help him get elected. There were a couple of hints along the campaign route that might have tipped us that he is unstable, but not enough to be noticeable. He tried to commandeer the League of Women Voters candidates night, being somewhat heavy handed. But no one took him to task for this. He even joined in the campaign to stop the big garage, collecting signatures along with the commoners. And so he got elected along with Hache and Walsh. And then at the reorganization meeting, the very first meeting of the “new” council, Voigt got really aggressive and tried to run the meeting. Tried to over-run the meeting, actually. This continued, with him being large and in charge and downright obnoxious at the council meetings. And it got worse. He screamed at Heather Mailander one night in a meeting, shouting as he stood over her “I”M [email protected]#*ING PISSED.” Wow, that was scary. Some suggested that Heather should press charges against him, but she declined. Then he was seen yelling at various citizens who disagreed. with him. Then he started in with taking citizens to court for filing OPRA requests. This has happened FIVE times that we know of, yes FIVE times he has taken someone to court in Hackensack because he did not like the fact that they filed LEGAL Open Public Records Act requests. Tying up the courts, taxpayer money, citizens’ time. All for no reason, simply because he does not like anyone looking at his business communications. He has been told by a judge at least FIVE times that there is nothing illegal or harassing about a citizen filing a records request. Then he spoke loudly into the microphone one night at a public meeting and referred to someone as a DOUCHEBAG, for all to hear. Then he was heard calling a citizen a FAT #$%@. And there is word that he got into a road-rage incident with a citizen, and there are rumblings of various other really inappropriate actions. So he is in a questionable relationship with the local paper? No surprise at all. He is constantly head to head with the reporter from The Record, feeding him his own line of BS, which the reporter is happy to take because, let’s face it, it is easier for the reporter to have material spoon-fed to him (even if it is totally slanted crap) than to actually research an article himself. Jeff Voigt is a major failure as an elected official. Major, major failure. If the rumors of a recall action are true, there will be a few thousand supportive signatures within a week.

  17. Why bother wasting another minute speaking about Voigt. Just like when Paul, Gwenn and Albert were in there is a block majority vote. He can’t have any input from here on out.

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