photo by Boyd Loving

May 4,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, the Pike Company made a very impressive parking garage presentation to the Ridgewood Village Council . Pike uses a pre-manufactured system , like a modular home ,and they have been doing so for 15 years.Pike looked at Hudson Street ,and came up with a precast approach to the Hudson Garage . The reason for pre-cast is to keep down the cost and also cost controls.

Pike was founded in 1873 and is a billion dollar company ,has no debt and no law suits .Pike views Ridgewood as a good risk and they would front the costs ie… a “no money down ” deal.

Pike used aerial drone footage and then semi imposed the proposed garage on the site . Pike pointed out that there would be fire access on all sides of the garage . Pike said there would be no encroachments on any easements. The company seemed to go to great lengths to fit the garage into the Central Business District ,be respectful to Mount Carmel Church and think through the logistics of building the garage unlike in the past. Planning included everything from lighting ,safety to the brick face.

Pike offered many options including even a management lease option .According to Pike the project would take about 8 months of construction with cost estimates for 240 spaces coming in at $8 million dollars. Pike would provide all financing using lender mandated requirements .