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PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog Wish You a Very Happy ,Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving


18 thoughts on “PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog Wish You a Very Happy ,Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving

  1. Same to you PJ and your staff.Keep up the good work.

  2. Same to you PJ. Thanks for all the hard work you do keeping this blog alive and healthy. It is an amazing communication tool and we are so fortunate to have it.

  3. Thanks PJ, right back at ya. By now you must know that with your support for individual rights and initiative (anonymous commenting is totally on the ‘hotseat’) and the pro-American tradition and anti-corruption poitions you reflect and propound , you’ve positioned yourself perfectly in the progressive statist’s cross-hairs. Where else is this happening, where website authors are still sticking it in the craven establishment’s eyes? Makes one wonder whether our vibrant civil society, our uniquely American way of life, and our miraculous form of self-government are at risk of being snuffed out , maybe even before Inauguration Day 2017.

    Have you read up on our _resident’s juvenile tactic of spreading ‘stray voltage’ (David Plouffe’s term), or what others call ‘gaslighting’? What a total tool we have in the White house. We will truly be lucky to survive the balance of his second term.

  4. happy Thanksgiving to you, your staff, family and friends!!

  5. Same to you PJ

  6. Great work, PJ. There was a time not too long ago when I mistakenly thought that this place was irrelevant. How wrong I was. Well done.

  7. Same to you James, and thank you for all that you do for Ridgewood.

  8. Yes, thank you James. Your huge effort in developing, nurturing, marketing, and when appropriate, crowing about the impact and popularity of this forum is a big thing that local individuals and groups who have taken the time to learn about civil society, and who now realize its vital importance as a counterweight to the nanny state zealots who are seemingly all around us, gravely appreciate. Is it too much to say that you have played a significant part in cleaning up our local politics? That you opened the eyes of Village residents to the many virtues associated with our Faulkner Act-inspired tradition of non-partisan decisionmaking, enough to prompt local voters to take out so much trash in one fell swoop during the most recent round of Village Council elections? If it’s true that all politics is local, then your genuinely local focus is an excellent example to other true patriots operating in your slice of the publishing industry. Please keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  9. Yes, thank you PJ. And 10:35am, President Trump is an enthusiastic swamp-drainer. Give him time and a chance and maybe a different Attorney General and you’ll see results.

  10. Thank you James, and the same to you and your family. I think YOU should be nominated for the RHS distinguished alumni award. You have done so much for Ridgewood by providing this forum for people to speak honestly. Many thanks.

  11. Very well put, 7:49am. A lot of what you said resonates well beyond Ridgewood and New Jersey (much like this blog does).

  12. Dittos 12:12pm.

  13. Interesting……The original post was made today, November 23, 2017 But most of the posts are dated in 2015 and 2016. Only 2 of the 10 posts were made this year……interesting. Are you padding the comments for a reason James?

  14. 1:45 – I love people like YOU who hate the blog but read it incessantly and post on it repeatedly. Really. If you hate it so much, why do you bother to read it?

  15. 145, just ignore it and James will go away and you can go back to reading Mother Jones.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving PJ

  17. Happy thanksgiving to all . This blog is hear to stay . The top village officials at times hate this blog. Because we find out about all the bull that goes on in town hall.
    Well all we can say is trump in 2020” you dum liberals me to stick your head up your ass .
    Thanks …..

  18. Et Tu PJ!

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