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Port Authority Plans to Jack Up Fares at Bridges, Tunnels And Area Airports

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New York NY, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey record-setting use of its facilities and with major redevelopment projects underway across the region, the Port Authority today advanced to its Board of Commissioners a proposal for the first inflation-based toll increases to the agency’s six bridges and tunnels since 2015 in line with the inflation-adjusted schedule mandated by the Board in 2008 and reaffirmed in 2011. The automatic increases are triggered when the cumulative impact of inflation on existing toll rates reaches $1.00, as measured from the last increase. The cumulative impact of inflation since 2015 will reach this level in 2020, prompting an increase of the cash toll rate at all Port Authority crossings from $15.00 to $16.00, as of January 5, 2020. The proposal also makes changes to three other aspects of the toll schedule: 1) discounts for out-of-state E-ZPass accounts; 2) the NY/NJ Staten Island Bridges discount program; and 3) the Carpool Discount program.

In addition, the proposal addresses changes to PATH’s fare structure with the PATH base fare remaining at its current $2.75 for a single trip but reducing the discount for PATH multi-trip fares. The proposal also includes increases to the AirTrain fares at JFK and Newark, which have not changed since 2003 and 2005, respectively. An airport ground transportation access fee is proposed to be charged to all for-hire vehicles and taxis, consistent with the practice at peer airports.

These proposals will be the subject of a series of six public hearings held in multiple locations in New York and New Jersey during both the morning and evening hours to ensure the public has ample opportunity to share its views with Commissioners. The hearings will present an update of the agency’s record levels of investment in the region’s infrastructure and the proposed changes in toll, fare, and fee structure.

Unprecedented Investment and Tangible Progress in Rebuilding Region’s Infrastructure

The Port Authority is delivering an unprecedented level of investment as the agency rebuilds the region’s infrastructure and works to transform its legacy assets into modern, world-class facilities capable of meeting 21st century expectations. Tangible progress in developing these new and revitalized facilities as part of the agency’s unprecedented 10-year Capital Plan is now underway and beginning to be visible throughout the region.

Airports: More than $30 billion in public and private funding committed to transform the region’s three major airports into world-class gateways.

Tangible Progress:

  • Opened last December the first new 18-gate concourse at LaGuardia Airport as part of the $8 billion complete rebuild of the airport
  • Broke ground last year on the redevelopment of Newark Liberty Airport’s Terminal One
  • Construction expected to begin this fall on the transformation of JFK Airport
  • Began in May 2019 the FAA’s environmental review process for the AirTrain LGA
  • Advanced a new $2 billion project for a new AirTrain Newark

Tunnels, Bridges, & Terminals: More than $10 billion investment program to rebuild and fortify the bridges, tunnels and bus commuter facilities.

Tangible Progress:

  • Completed the new $1.5 billion Goethals Bridge – the first new bridge built by the Port Authority in 87 years – which opened last year
  • Completed in June the $1.7 billion project to raise and fully rebuild the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge – enabling record levels of cargo and providing a 21st century crossing for New Jersey and Staten Island residents
  • Construction underway for the $1.9 billion effort to “Restore the George” to ensure the bridge’s long-term structural health
  • Began in May the formal environmental review process for the replacement of obsolete Port Authority Bus Terminal

PATH: More than $4 billion investment program to improve reliability, capacity and customer experience.

Tangible Progress:

  • Progressed in December a new signal system to become the first railroad in the region to meet federally-mandated safety standards
  • Initiated the PATH Improvement Plan – consisting of strategic investments to increase capacity, reduce delays, and enhance customer experience
  • Installed last year real-time train information through on-platform countdown clocks and the new RidePATH smartphone app
  • Opened over the last 8 months the new headhouses of the Harrison Station – the first new PATH station in New Jersey in more than two decades
  • Advanced multiple projects in the $2 billion Superstorm Sandy resiliency program

Port: More than $2 billion of public and private investments facilitating record growth and enabling the Port of NY and NJ to overtake Long Beach, CA as the second busiest port in the U.S. based on volumes through the first four months of 2019.

Tangible Progress:

  • Facilitated access of ultra-large, efficient cargo ships to the ports by raising the Bayonne Bridge
  • Completed this month the fourth and final major terminal rail facility creating a state-of-the-art ship to rail capability, dramatically increasing the Port’s capacity to deliver or receive goods to/from destinations in the interior of the country through mainline freight railroads (CSX and Norfolk Southern)
  • Added new barges, locomotives, and related infrastructure for cross-harbor rail operations

World Trade Center: More than $1 billion invested to complete infrastructure investments that support the revitalization of the WTC site and surrounding community.

Tangible Progress:

  • Opened 3 WTC last summer
  • Created an increasingly dynamic and appealing campus that is becoming a magnet for the Lower Manhattan community and visitors
  • Advanced the construction of the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center

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  1. More reason to leave and not come back – where are those gasoline tax revenues going?

  2. And the path was totally suspended yesterday at rush hour. They can’t even run 1 day without some sort of delay.

  3. That’s right…outta here.
    You assholes are going to tax this state to oblivion.

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