December 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , Janice Willett sounded like she was running for council at Wednesday nights council meeting when she attempted to defend the unethical , gross incompetent and perhaps criminal behavior of he Village’s former manager Roberta Sonenfeld. In her comments she said she was “concerned we are playing the blame game ” . Willett did make a good point pointing out the ridiculousness of pretending no one had previously recognized the fee schemes imposed by ParkMobile and referred to a council meeting on March 11th  where the fees were discussed by the then council and questioned by residents . Willett’s point was that instead of trying to blame one person we should just admit it was a collective drop of the ball .

Nice try while some of her argument makes sense , the fact is the people who were being paid to manage Village finances were once again not doing their job . Making excuses is like making excuses for the previous “meter thief” episode when $800,000 or so of quarters walked out of the Village hall in 50lb bags and “no one saw nothing”.

A reader commented ,” it sounded to me like Janice Willett is planning to run. It also sounded like she was defending Roberta Sonenfeld. Not a good plan. Anyone who defends Roberta does not deserve to be in office. Come on people. Roberta was a disaster.”

While Willetts comments go a long way to blaming the entire previous council ,led by so called the “3 amigos” , who used themselves used the blame game on many occasions .

Like the meter thief as the facts present themselves and it becomes harder and harder to believe that there was just one person involved in this latest scam of Village tax payers.