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Potential Village Council Candidate says Don’t Play the Blame Game on ParkMobile

janice willett

December 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , Janice Willett sounded like she was running for council at Wednesday nights council meeting when she attempted to defend the unethical , gross incompetent and perhaps criminal behavior of he Village’s former manager Roberta Sonenfeld. In her comments she said she was “concerned we are playing the blame game ” . Willett did make a good point pointing out the ridiculousness of pretending no one had previously recognized the fee schemes imposed by ParkMobile and referred to a council meeting on March 11th  where the fees were discussed by the then council and questioned by residents . Willett’s point was that instead of trying to blame one person we should just admit it was a collective drop of the ball .

Nice try while some of her argument makes sense , the fact is the people who were being paid to manage Village finances were once again not doing their job . Making excuses is like making excuses for the previous “meter thief” episode when $800,000 or so of quarters walked out of the Village hall in 50lb bags and “no one saw nothing”.

A reader commented ,” it sounded to me like Janice Willett is planning to run. It also sounded like she was defending Roberta Sonenfeld. Not a good plan. Anyone who defends Roberta does not deserve to be in office. Come on people. Roberta was a disaster.”

While Willetts comments go a long way to blaming the entire previous council ,led by so called the “3 amigos” , who used themselves used the blame game on many occasions .

Like the meter thief as the facts present themselves and it becomes harder and harder to believe that there was just one person involved in this latest scam of Village tax payers.

14 thoughts on “Potential Village Council Candidate says Don’t Play the Blame Game on ParkMobile

  1. Wilmet said this was to be a temporary transitional plan. So why was the contract signed for THREE YEARS? Roberta was paid a ton of bucks to manage the village. A ton of bucks. So why did she let this parkmobile contract go on and on and on without re-visiting it and transitioning out of it to a more cost effective plan? Sorry, folks, but Roberta Sonenfeld IS to blame here. She was large and in charge and she did what she wanted with this. The resolution said NO ADDITIONAL FEES. And she signed a 3-year contract with additional fees.

  2. It was clear that Janice was reading a script written by Roberta and Paul. Usually she is asleep at these meetings, when she comes. Actually from my vantage point of my easy chair at home it looked like she was half asleep.

  3. They think we are their sheep and therfore can bleet and crow at us and parse the facts until
    they hope we move onto another towns departments issues.
    This was real money folks with 2018 coin and E meters rate doubling down on revenue lost here,repeatedly we are not managing our business and the mayor and council own this as any organization ties results to reasonable planning and governance.

  4. Roberta was pushy and bossy and her ego was fed by the incessant sugary praise of Paul and Albert. God how they would gush about her. No wonder she did whatever the hell she wanted without considering the effects

  5. Potential council candidate??? She got the least number of votes last time. What makes you think she can do any better this time?

  6. I thought Richard Brooks got the least number of votes in the 2016 election?

  7. Janice is trying to say that the “blame game” is useless and we should just move forward and forget this. Really. I’m sorry Ms. willet, but there is a lot of money that was recklessly sent to Park Mobile when it should never have been, and one person is responsible for this. Roberta Sonenfeld was the Village Manager, although she thought she was an elected official. She should never EVER have signed that contract when she was only authorized by resolution to sign a contract with NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

  8. I too read the minutes from the March 2015 minutes. I got a completely different take on the iissue than Ms. Willet. It is clear from the transcript that Roberta was pushing for the deal,with ParkMobile. Boyd Loving’s comments and concerns were stated at that meeting and Roberta was extremely dismissive. As VM/ CFO she was responsible for the process and failed miserably as the Council was not made aware ,not to mention the public , of the overall cost of this contract with the village. Where was the resolution that talked of the additional credit card fees? This should have come before the council. Where was the FAC? It is not playing the blame game when tax dollars are spent with an absence of a financial analysis of the expenditure in question is not included as part of the final decision. She did not follow the standard procedures and signed a contract without proper approval from the VC.

  9. “Potential council candidate??? She got the least number of votes last time. What makes you think she can do any better this time?”. She got 4th highest, but was the first loser. The biggest loser of all was Brooks.

  10. First loser. Hahaha, is that an oxymoron?

    However, I have to say, I wish she had won instead of our resident insane evil Voigt. God, I wish he was due to leave in the spring.

  11. Miss Willet is Miss Guided. It looks like the Aronsohn Sonenfeld show pulled a fast one on us residents and the other council people. If the fees were transitional how did sonenfeld sign a contract committing the village to the fees? Of course there’s someone to blame Sonenfeld Arinsohn and possibly the fac led by Miss Willet.

  12. Miss Willett is in the same bitter school as Evan Weitz,and Roberta Sonenfeld from the failed FAC. That FAC was Aronsohn’s breeding ground for his little puppets. Sonenfeld got a hefty 6-figure job out of her tenure on the Financial Advisory Committee, Wow, that was a huge error for our village. She cannot get out from behind her own mathmatical errors. Evan Weitz and Janice Willett, two nasty failed candidates for Village Council who we all hope will run again because they will lose again.

  13. We have good lawyers in town. Can one of them provide an answer as to the legality of Roberta’s project? Can she be sued? If we can get Paul and Roberta fined fora much smaller issue, why can’t we go for a big one?

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