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Progressive Activists Target Gottheimer to Back the Impeachment of Trump

Josh Gottheimer

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, A group of far leftwing extremist ,left of center Democrats ,progressive and assorted crackpot protesters from the area, many of them members of organizations such as Indivisible NJ5, the Democratic Club of Allendale, the Highlands Resistance, JOLT, Women of Action NJ, District 5 Coalition for Change, Ramsey Pins, Teaneck Women Working Together, Mahwah After the March, and Waldwick Progressives, gathered in the parking lot outside the office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ 5) Friday morning. Calling on the congressman to support calling for an impeach inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

Gottheimer, who was not at his Glen Rock office at the time of the demonstration, has a primary challenge on his hands and has been accused by far lefties and progressives of playing both sides of the aisle.

For one hour, between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., a little over a dozen protesters, led by Susan Steinberg, called for impeachment inquiries to be opened, citing the Mueller Report and asserting that the president had undermined the democratic process during the election, colluding with Russian elements, and obstruction of justice, among other charges.

8 thoughts on “Progressive Activists Target Gottheimer to Back the Impeachment of Trump

  1. These pathetic little groups of usually 12/20 people continue (as evidenced here ) to broadcast their narrative of anything “Trump negative “ and as such the fake news is more than happy to oblige. The only thing that gets accomplished here is that these far left emotionally disturbed fruit cakes continue to widen the divide within their own party and are only making it that much easier for Trump in 2020. This is how stupid these people are thinking that impeachment is actually going to happen regardless of what their own party bosses are trying to tell them….It’s not going to happen. Get a grip on reality.

  2. Dream on , Stop wasting taxpayers money on bullshit.

    People you better hope Trump gets in 2020 4 more years. Of a Stable economy.
    Then the shits going to hit the fan.

  3. Gott stilts?

  4. Trump in. 2020 ‘
    You will see

  5. This group of activists will cause Trump to return to power in 2020.
    Aarti has no agenda of her own. Just anti Trump and anti Gotthimer. To win and to lead, you need a vision.
    Heck their advertising is full of misleading information.

  6. I will vote for Trump again in 2020 just to see adults crying because he won. I love the sounds of Liberals crying!!!

  7. Me too ,
    Trumpo. In 2020,

  8. What color are his tresses?

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