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Progressive Sexism

President-Elect Donald J

by CARRIE LUKAS February 2, 2017 4:00 AM

So much for ‘going high.’ Those who had warned about an uptick in sexism under President Trump may have been on to something.

As the era of Trump dawns, some women already are being singled out for criticism and scorn that is tinged with sexist assumptions and seems intended to force them back into roles society decrees are a must for good women. Yet this isn’t a Republican “war on women,” as some predicted. It is, rather, progressives and left-leaning media elites who are targeting conservative women. Take the recent Saturday Night Live skit ridiculing Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to have led a successful Presidential campaign. (Full disclosure: I’ve met Kellyanne professionally.)

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6 thoughts on “Progressive Sexism

  1. Trump has few women in key positions so maybe his lead smoke screen gets picked on. With Sean Spicer in place the focus has moved to him. He does not know how to pivot so he flat out lies.

    And people have made fun of the orange man for years. His beautiful. wives and daughters highlight his bad looks.

  2. 7:14am, your perspective seems warped by cognitive dissonance. Trump’s task is herculean. The world’s biggest stable is filled to the rim with horse dung and someone, presumably not you, needs to do something about it. Emotions are important but at some point they need to be put to the side in favor of effective action. Your mileage may vary, but you might want to cut Trump a little slack and not try to drag him down to your level. Detraction is a sin we should all work to avoid, particularly when it is directed toward political leaders like Trump who are so clearly working in good faith toward the improvement and betterment of our nation.

  3. He’s telling female staff to “dress like women.” We know what that means. Tight skirts, high heels, dyed-blond hair, too much makeup.

  4. 7:14
    Amazingly as described in the article, you exposed yourself as a progressive liberal who is bitter, nasty and intolerant.

  5. 7:14: Ivanka is a beautiful woman but Melania is far from it. There’s nothing original on that body and she married the dolt only for his money. No respect at all for her.

  6. 1:16: impressive. Not only do you have insight into Trump’ stability, you have access to Melania’s medical records and can read her mind.
    I think you have some serious issues with reality, lady…

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