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Promoter of High Density Housing Complains Village is Being Ruined?

Ridgewood 3 amigos

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

“An open letter to the Village Council re the news that the Gap is closing:

Anne Taylor gone. Jos. Banks, gone. Now the Gap closing. Empty storefronts. Potholed Streets. Vanity and wasteful projects that don’t seem to end. Indirect taxes on the rise. A parking situation that is a joke. On, and on, and on….

When will you have the decency and intellectual honesty to admit the damage you are causing to our beloved town?

Rurik Halaby”

Ridgewood NJ, just a reminder Mr. Halaby was a huge supporter of the Aronsohn administration and its sell out to developers , ringing the central business district with high density housing . The high density housing and the impending increase in residents , traffic and parking will lead to a need for an increase in public safety personnel, road construction, parking, water  , sewage and school construction . That means the consequence of allowing over development will be that taxes will continue to spiral upwards driving more people from the Village and your property values will continue to be depressed .

Mr Halaby was also part of the group that wanted to clear cut Schedler Park and build a turf baseball field .

22 thoughts on “Promoter of High Density Housing Complains Village is Being Ruined?

  1. Oh for God’s sake: How in the hell can anyone blame Halaby for the Gaps closing. It was a crappy overpriced store for years. Aggressive employees, as I posted a couple days ago, and poor quality clothes. Also almost everyone shops clothes online. Take my daughta (pronounced with Joisey accent) my daughta-in-law. She shops online. She knows her size and the big box store she likes. She is busy with a small child, a house and a job. So she shops clothes online. Many people do. Ann Taylor, I never cared for them either. I shop Macys and Talbots. So sue me.

    How stupid stupid stupid to blame Halaby for the Gaps closing. And what the fuck does Schedler have to do with the Gap or anything.
    And Hey, I am the gal who wrote THREE eloquent letters saying Schedler should remain untrammeled woods, a beacon of our love and respect of nature. Our understanding of how trees are vital for human life.

    Hey, I spoke against high density housing at many planning board meetings and counsel meetings. I hate what they did…. turned Ridgewood into a crowded city. I hate it hate it hate. But ya know what, the extra people in those apt. that are being built will frequent the stores in Ridgewood, especially the 50 or so restaurants and hair salons. Ridgewood will do well. I would have liked Ridgewood to have remained the way it was when I moved here in 1978, but hey, hey hey, money is not my value. Aesthetics, charm , character. an uncrowded sleepy town is what I would have preferred, but I UNDERSTAND that many people disagree with me. Halaby is a wonderful person as far as I am concerned. He CARES ; He is involved. I disagree with him on important issues; but I respect him immensely. And because of him Ridgewood will THRIVE. Even though I hate apartments and high density living.

  2. Oh, I misunderstood the above posting. Halaby wrote the letter. I give up.

  3. He’s got some BALLS.

  4. Mr. Halaby is the second biggest asshole living in Ridgewood.

  5. Consider the source of the commentary. He’s a nut job.

  6. Halaby is a major-league failure. Who cares what he has to say?

  7. Said it before and say it again, he’s off in the head so i don’t criticize his ramblings at all and I wish him the very best.
    Its best for us all if we just don’t pay any attention to him.

  8. anonyGal You lost me after your “f’ bomb.

  9. Very quietly and slowly step back from the Halaby and no one gets hurt.

  10. I believe we have Denise Lima posting anonymously and wrongly. Not a good combo.

  11. What was it that crazy Rurik called people?

  12. IF ONLY… we had a GINORMOUS GARAGE…. all would be saved.

  13. Seriously disturbed person who needs to find a hobby.

  14. Rurik called people “vigilante.” That was wrong of him. But amusing. I think what our president calls people is far worse. soooooooo

  15. The Gap is closing because a new landlord jacked the rent and wouldn’t negotiate. Say goodbye to a business that has been on Ridgewood Ave. for almost 25 years!!

  16. High rent is the MAIN reason our stores can’t make it. Yes, the world has changed, and people seek highway and online discounts. But it’s really the rents that are killing them.

    A little store will never gross a million dollars a year. We have more than enough banks and restaurants. GREED.

  17. Rurik and Denise sitting by a tree
    C-A- R- P-I-N-G
    Rurik says let’s attack a vocalante
    Denise says most definitely!

  18. But remember The Gap is closing a bunch of stores not just Ridgewood; online shopping does take the bottom line away from brick and mortar, that is why malls are closing too being used for storage and repurposed for other uses.

  19. Where is Dom Nizza when we need him most?

  20. Imagine a new town with a few new apartment buildings (in progress right now), empty stores in downtown for various reasons, just a few restaurants around and a couple of mail stores and a pharmacy, powers that be develop a new plan and empty stores turn into apartments, deli stores popup at corners, a McDonald opens up and then a Wendy’s, section 8 families move in, garbage and noise occupy CBD, water restrictions maximize and lawns around town turn dead, school rankings nosedive…………and so on and so forth. This sounds like crazy but not impossible to become reality. It has happened around us in the not so distant past.

  21. He cried about the train station trees but wanted to clear cut schedler??? He is coo coo

    I feel bad for him since it is obvious he is crazy OR is he just a hypocrite And a liar?

  22. We love it, Job security.

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