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PSE&G Digging near Whole Foods Shuts Down Ridgewood Merchants

Attached is a picture taken Monday @ 3 PM.

April 25,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, PSE&G was digging on the side of the street near Whole Foods. (Not the middle of the street)The street was completely closed off from the square to the block past Whole Foods. 3 cops seem to be standing around and doing nothing , not sure what they were focusing on , they could have directed some traffic. This picture shows an empty parking lot in front of the store as well as the bank.

This ridiculous condition upset many stores on the street and they all lost tons of business since their customers had no place to even get to any stores since anything close to park, all meters were taken.

8 thoughts on “PSE&G Digging near Whole Foods Shuts Down Ridgewood Merchants

  1. And it was gridlock around the whole area. Cops should have been moving people through W Ridgewood Ave much faster than normal lights allowed and the underpass in Glen Rock should have had far better throughout. Yeah it was an emergency gas leak but fewer cops looking at the hole would have been nice. Though the number of people driving around cones into the construction site was funny. “I need spirulina for my evening smoothie I’m sure these cones aren’t meant for me. They can’t stop my Subaru.”

  2. If we only had a Ginormous Garage this would not be a problem!

  3. Ah yes the obligatory garage comment from the local asshat. Brilliant.
    The bigger issue is that I was late for happy hour at Mac’s and I missed the free pigs in a blanket. I DEMAND answers and have launched an investigation. RPD is of no help and last I checked the 3 birds are still looking down the hole for the leak.

  4. Can’t wait to see the crappy patchwork repaving done by PSEG.

  5. RIDGEWOOD should be renamed : Non Accountable NJ

    Options narrowing down to move now or move in one year.

    Smart money are planting for sale signs all around town.

    Roads are a disgrace..Visitors must think we are Fools.

  6. 8:20. The cops actually told me to go around the cones by the square, so I could make my haircut appointment.
    Poor woman lost so much money from this fiasco.

  7. When will they be back to pave Ridgewood Ave,? And all of the driveway aprons they dug up and stuck a “temporary” patch into?

  8. Waiting for Don Delzio to blame the mayor.

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