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Psychologist: ‘Authoritative Parenting’ is Best for Children

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Is it time for parents to return to a position of loving but firm authority figures?
Annie Holmquist | April 14, 2016

Several months ago, Dr. Leonard Sax made headlines when he proposed that the lack of discipline we see in America today is simply the surface symptom of a greater problem: the decline of parental authority.

Dr. Sax’s theories were recently underscored by psychologist Lisa Damour in a New York Times piece on the benefits of family dinner time. Although the benefits of family dinners are regularly touted, Ms. Damour wonders how they produce such positive effects when a family often sits down exhausted to a silent and non-interactive meal together. Her answer is thought-provoking:

One thought on “Psychologist: ‘Authoritative Parenting’ is Best for Children

  1. Secular society is constantly grinding away at parental authority, however well or poorly it is exercised.

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